Thursday, August 24, 2006


I have this weird habit of getting stuck with a word/ gesture or expression that stays with me for quite some time till someone points it out to me and I simply stop using it. For example, there’s this recent word I’ve picked up lately: PLEASE which I end up pronouncing as “phuleeese” when I want to convey a meaning like “noways am doing that” or something similar. I don’t know if it’s a bad thing, or its suppose to be funny or just a way of emphasizing a point I want to convey or habit which probably most of us have, but somehow, I have become very conscious of it lately.

It is interesting to observe myself at times, literally!! I somewhere pick up a word or an expression and use it quite a bit (at the right places of course!!) until I am made aware of it and then suddenly it disappears, just like that, without any conscious effort of stopping it myself. In fact, at times there are these expressions which I quite like myself and kind of love to pronounce, they somehow leave this nice feel but then I do let go of them too… So just for fun, I began jotting down these words/ expressions which were a part of me at some time or the other, some which I liked and still let go of, while others which are plainly stupid and I have no clue where I picked them up from. Here they go:

- Blue: A word that cannot be used at many places but somehow I like to pronounce it!!
- Look at That!!: A phrase that formed the part of my speech during my standard XI and XII where I mostly picked it to indicate that what the other person was saying was more applicable to himself/herself.
- O.K: At the end of every sentence, irrespective of the fact whether it made any sense or not...
- Oh My God!!: The expressions of this sentence changed with the meaning I wanted to convey. For example, I repeated it several times in succession to basically convey my sense of anxiety, or I said it like OH….MY…GOD in slow motion, emphasizing every word to bring forth my state of shock.
- Oh Gaaaawd!!: When I am totally frustrated with life and given up on my assignment, a common phenomenon during college.
- Ya Right: An equivalent to “get lost”, can’t exactly seem to remember when this phrase was at its pinnacle…
- Oh Shit: A very common phrase which I used the most before I learnt the “F” word and later on when even though I knew the “F” word, I dared not to use it…
- F*** : Picked it up during my days at work when I got slightly more courageous, thought that it wasn’t that bad a word after all, tried acting “cool”, till it became a common word in my vocabulary. Left it when I realized that I was using it infront of the wrong people without even realizing it (again sub-consciously).
- Phuleeese! (Please): A word that has stuck with me for years now, a lot of people find it very irritating but I can’t seem to let go of it.
- Bloody: A word that bugs ‘me’ but again I am unable to let go of.
- ooohmmmmmm: An expression that I’ve acquired lately, which I like quite a bit, and use it when I want to convey my amusement/ agreement at anything. Or simply because I have no clue what the other person is talking about, or when am least interested in what the other person is talking about, or when I’d rather not comment,or when am confused about the response I should be giving. So basically it’s a multi- functional expression which doesn’t mean a thing in itself but can be used at a lot of places to handle various “reaction” problems.

I realize that words and the way they are pronounced or the “tone” in which they are used say tons without any elaborations. They show respect, contempt, humor, or even attitude by mere alterations in the way they are spoken. Am sure that most of us have had this habit of sticking with a phrase for some time before dropping it off for another one. However, am not sure why it does happen…

Monday, August 14, 2006

Who's conspiring??

"When you want something, the whole world conspires for you to get it.": a line I read in Paulo Coelho's Alchemist. Although I am no big fan of his, but somewhere I did believe in the philisophy behind the thought- until lately!!
Somehow, nomatter how hard I've been trying to achieve some kind of decorum in my life, its just not happening..Its just made me wonder if the above line plainly "sounds good" or does it actually have even a fraction of truth to it..