Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And so I don't stop...

Its 9:30am in the morning and I am loaded with work. Yet, I have this sudden urge to write so I decide to keep my work aside and post a blog!!

Just went through a friend’s writings and realized that compared to hers, my postings are pretty sad…

- My English is too basic.
- My thoughts too repetitive.
- There’s hardly anything “that” exciting happening in my life.
- The blog seems to lack essence, spirit!!
- There is no signature style in my writing… or is there? Need help on this one from those few wonderful souls who go through my postings.
- Does what I do/feel/write matters to anyone?? Do I care? On this one I’d say: “Yes I do; evidence: this post!!

Inspite of the above, I don’t know how to improve so I shall continue what I enjoy doing without trying to bother whats thought of it all…

Friday, July 27, 2007


Date: 21st July 2007
Place: Landmark Stores
Time: 6:30am
Occasion: Release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Nothing in the world can make me wake up so early in the morning except when its absolutely necessity driven. One of such instances was the day of the release of my favorite book: Harry Potter!!

I have been awaiting this book for months, speculating with my friends the fate of Potter, fearing the worse… This was my second trip to Landmark, the previous one made the night before at 12 hoping that the book would be out by then as per IST standards. Was disappointed when the notice outside the store requested the fans to be patient and asked us to come at 6 in the morning.

Next morning, the alarm buzzed at the set time and there I was with my equally crazy flat mate at Landmark, which is a stone’s throw from my place… Pottermania had caught on and there were complete families buying books, people from Hindustan Times and some arbit channel interviewing the crowd. We too got our share of the glory and were asked for comments, clicked too in pajamas with that totally out-of-the-bed look. The reporter told us that we could see us on www after 5pm that eve or if luck were with us, the next day in the newspapers!! We were so proud of this achievement of ours, thinking that probably that’s the only time our parents would see us in any sort of media!!

Reached back home and the reading began, I couldn’t concentrate on work that day, Saturday working hours lasted for two hours and I managed to finish my book by Sunday morning (my flat mate is still on it!!).

Although we didn’t manage to make our mark anywhere on the publicity front, the book was a complete pleasure. Now I even have a PDF so I can refer to it at any time in the office and then there are friends online always to discuss the nitty-gritty of the book.

Way to go Rowling, can’t believe that there wouldn’t be any more Potter books to look forward to…
P.S: This piece has been on my mind for sometime now but could manage to post it today itself.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Me.. . :)

Am done for the day and thinking about what I've achieved today, I would say: zilch, nothing!! And yet, surprisingly, I had a good day...

- My boss is out of town so there is nobody to stand on my head 24/7.

- My classmate has joined my office, although a different department, so there is at least someone to go out for lunch with.

- Discovered that I had about 1000 bucks in my account. It took me out of my condition of bankruptcy (as predicted earlier, thanks Tommy!! :P) and now I wouldn’t have to use my dad's card (he wouldn’t mind though)... Yippee!! ;)

- Came across the availability of the DVDs of this 80's show called "Wonder Years". Have been looking for it since ages, a must buy.

- Got another 1500 bucks as my office took pity on my current condition and reimbursed my long stuck phone bill. (Shit, am obsessed with money, guess I've never been in this condition before, hence a lil tough, will get used to it if I keep up my rate of shopping and refusing to take dad's help!!)

- My footwear samples are due tomorrow (after a lot of bickering with the vendor): am keeping my fingers crossed though!!

This brings an end to a day well gone and now am ready for some good food and my drive back home... Cheers!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Its all YELLOW!! ;)

My last visit to Kolkata sucked... I mean, the day I landed, I came down with high temperature and working in those humid conditions was an ordeal in itself.

However, on my way to the city from the airport, I noticed that Kolkata had a colour to it: YELLOW!! Yeh right, every 2 minutes you would encounter that brightest of hues: the cabs, billboards, buildings, buses, clothes, plastic on construction sites, even the food had this extra bit of turmeric!!

Though I couldn't click all that I would have liked to, here are a few pieces of that YELLOW evidence I spotted there...

Friday, July 20, 2007

Shadow Billboard..

Just came across this brilliant billboard by World Wildlife Federation on one of the sites I was browsing through. It demonstrates the rise of water by an extremely effective use of shadows... 'twas so cool that couldn't help but put it on my blog..

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I wish...

At times I wish I weren't this practical and paid a lil more attention to what my heart said...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Freedom to be!!

Life seems so simple and complicated all at once... On one hand I know what I want but I am not sure how badly I want it. There are times when I've had a very bad day, I want to quit everything (I do have that option!!), go home, get married, have about a hundred kids, spend my husband's money and die catering to their needs, with no essence of my individuality stamped anywhere...

And then this whole idea revolts me. I am a little too selfish not to think about myself, a little too ambitious to die without achieveing anything, too individualistic to go along with someone else's beliefs and too proud to survive not on my own money!! So I choose freedom, freedom to be myself, to live life on my own terms, to enjoy it, to have no regrets when its time to say tata... Thus my stuggle continues, the fight with all the horrible days of my life and see them through, all for my FREEDOM!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Damn temptations!! ;)

Month beginning, higher salary than the previous job and am already bankrupt!! Got tempted and bought a Tommy watch for myself and throughout the month I am going to stare at it and wait for the time to pass, the month to end... All for an expensive temptation!!
Or should I ask Dad for money...NAH!! :p