Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Am tired..

The one thing that is more loathsome than anything else is loneliness and it makes you do such things that you wouldn’t have imagined yourself doing a few years back. Not only do you sabotage your ego and pride, but hassle about people who don’t give a rat’s ass to you, and all of it to fill that huge void in you that just does not seem to disappear.

And you don’t end it even though you know you should, you carry on taking that agony, pain and humiliation for the fear of feeling lonely again, for the hope of being accepted.

If only I could kill this need within me, it would be so much simpler..

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Appetite for books..

Because books affect me in such a manner that movies just don't, I saw the movie "One Day" and then read the book. And maybe because I am a sucker for humour and romance and friendship (no matter how over rated concept that might be), I fell in love with the book and a bit of the movie too.

I highly recommend it and promise a longer post on this one, because right now I am stuck with work and as usual, not complaining..

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

All confused and then some more..

A few days ago I had this big argument with some friends, they on one side, me alone on the other. They  justifying themselves, the labels and I vehemently stuck to my side of things. My definitions were as below while what they said usually diverted to care or affection or bordering love. According to them, everything came from being attracted to a person, even the one night stands and I somehow couldn’t agree. Though I do realize that attraction is the key but in today’s age, I see people doing all sorts of stuff, just for the heck of it.

So here’s my confused list of the possible names that we give to our relationships:
  •  Attraction: When you see somebody and or maybe talk and realize chemistry. 
  • Crush: When you like somebody for a tiny bit, for the lamest reasons possible.
  • Infatuation: The crush lasts longer and you see yourself thinking about them.
  • Dating: This one confuses me. Is it like going out with someone but not exclusively or is it. And is it deciding if you want a future with that person while you are dating him/ her. And while you are dating somebody, does that mean he/ she is your girlfriend/ boyfriend.
  • Fling: If you are serious while you are dating then it is not a fling and if you aren’t, it is a fling. Is that how it is?
  • Affair: This may be illicit or you are actually dating that person and serious about him/ her.
  • Seeing someone: Does this necessarily mean that you are officially seeing somebody or is it same as dating?
  • Engaged: Now I know this one is official, like you are with somebody you intend to spend the rest of your life with.
  • Married: You are together and you’ve thrown a huge party to declare that.
Now in all of the above, what is the “name” of that relationship where two people are in love with each other? I mean none of the above tags suggest that you love that person. When you are in love, you say that you are in love (and loved back) but is there a specific name that defines it..

Or maybe there is and I don’t even know of it, just brilliant..