Saturday, September 29, 2007

The one where Papa came to meet me...

Yesterday turned out to be a delightful one for me. My Dad was in Delhi for work and after much difficulty and a lot of planning we managed to get together yesterday. I've been out for about 8 years now and unfortunately my parents have never visited me once, be it college or the places I have worked at. Its not that they don't care, its plain curcumstances... At times I was too busy with work and then there would be something or the other happening back home. And then I love them for trusting me to take care of myself!!

Anyways, my Dad came home and I showed him around my place, which he did find quite impressive. One feat accomplished as he hates unkept places, is quite finicky about cleaniness ( a trait I've inherited too), and to match his standards of living are kind of an immpossibility, success again.. ;) Papa noticed the lack of television at my place and so now am a proud owner of Sony Wega 21 inches set!! :)

We proceded on to have lunch and for once my brains worked faster than my mouth and I slipped my debit card before the bill came, to the waiter without my Dad noticing. He was so proud that I'd managed to pay a 500 bucks bill, basically treat him that he was smiling ear to ear, the fact that he'd just got me a 10K television set went totally unnoticed...

We can't seem to stop when we begin talking and its always nice of him to take my side when asking for an opinion, even though I am wrong!! :D So after chatting with him, telling him even the tiniest details of my life, and making jelly of my poor Dad's brains, I was duely dropped home as he had to rush back and those few hours with Papa were so much fun... However I bunked work (had promised to be there post lunch) as I was feeling too nostalgic and missing Ma and Papa...

Currently I feel like the most pampered daughter in the world and thinking of how ammazing my parents are, I forget all my blues. Till I have them by my side, all will be fine...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Of Realisations and Insight...

I haven't been able to post anything for sometime now and its getting to me. The work pressure is tremendous and by the end of the day am so drained that can't seem to come up with anything though I do manage to visit and comment on others blogs which is some solace.

Anyways, lots been happening with me, some more realisations, a little more insight... For once I realised what a bad judge of character I was. I know this someone for years and never understood how two faceted he/she was...whats a person without honesty, without integrity enough to stand by what one has done instead of shoving the blame on someone else??

One of my friends/ colleagues pointed out that I came across as an arrogant person, a person with airs about herself on the first meeting. I verified it with a few of my closest friend and they agreed to it which was quite surprising. Yeah, I would say that I am slightly reserved initially, I do have my inhibitions when I first meet someone but they wander off as quickly...Something wrong being a little cautious??

In a jiffy right now, just had to post the above... shit, am so confused!! Better post next time..

Friday, September 21, 2007

Thats it!!

Am at the end of my tether, can't take it anymore..its all goofed up: personally and professionally...

And here I crib again!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Not a penny less..

Mr. Bully was in a comparitively better mood today..sigh!! (I've begun judging how my day went, by his moods now!!). Anyways, somehow managed to extract information about filling the incentive format and if I manage to do it right, I get richer by a few grands!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Been tagged!!

Here are the rules:

- Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of their middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
- When you are tagged you need to write your own blog-post containing your own middle name game facts.
- At the end of your blog-post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag.
- Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged.

Got tagged by Ani/ Akanksha and taking a clue from them, this is what I have to pitch in…

Middle name: GOOFER!!

G- “Goofer” that’s what I am. I have to do something mundane out of any task: In kitchen, I drop anything which am holding firmly enough, at work I mess up with digits (interchange them!!) and at home I forget to do the simplest of things..

O- “O” is probably one of my favorite shapes. I find this form very appealing, friendly… It gives me the feeling that its unbiased as it doesn’t point in any direction in particular. (Am I mad??) :P

O- Oohhmmm… an expression I resort to get out of any sticky situations/ to handle various adequate reaction problems/ when I know admitting the truth would be committing suicide.

F- Freedom!! That’s the essence of my life… I need freedom to work, to live, to be…

E- Easy going... I am , totally!!

R- Romantic…just a lil bit!! ;)

Thankfully, Ani and Akanksha tagged me together so I had to do just one… :P. Its actually a little painful writing tags (but if I had to, so will the rest!! mean me..) and I shall pass it on to
- Aparna
- Madhatter
- Sharddha.

The rest have already gone through the ordeal..

Monday, September 10, 2007

A post long overdue..

In college, we were a group of 7 girls and each was a character in her own right.We stuck together all the time and someone even nicknamed us as the “seven sparrows”!! You see one and would be sure that the rest six are somewhere in the vicinity. However, the shining star of our set was (and mind you, still is) “G”. She’s exclusive, the most famous one, our very own social butterfly… Now “G” being all renowned and stuff, had quotes without which the history of our group remains incomplete.

So this one goes to “G”: THE STAR!! :

- Ladkiyon…blah blah.. (That’s how we got addressed as!!).
- I am seriously serious guys… (She’s trying to make a point here..).
- Oye ladki!! (Individual addressing lingo..).
- “Everyone knows “G” in NIFT” (this ones true!!)
- ME: What are you doing?
G: Rangoli bana rahi hoon!! We had this conversation every morning while sitting in adjacent loos in the hostel !! (am soooo dead!!) ;)
- Life sudharo… (Her constant effort at improving our state of minds/ lifestyles, which she thinks is totally distrupted).
- G’s definition of lipstick: “Akal ki Dawayi”!!

I’ve missed quite a few of her quotable quotes but that’s all I could recollect for now. I also know for a fact that I am finished if/ after she gets to read this one but its worth the abusives nonetheless.

P.S: Dedicated to G with contributions from Ap, T and V.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Moving on!!

Quite recently one of my friend's relocated to another city for work and I could hear that excitement, nervousness, wierdness in his voice over the phone...

That reminded me of everytime I had moved to a new place: the butterflies in my stomach and the nervousness I felt which I didn't admit to anyone... But now when I recollect, I realise that it wasn't mere anxiety, it was an anticipation of being in a new place, surrounded by new things/people. There was a strange rush of adrenaline, this feeling of giddiness that overwhelms you only when either you are in love or in a new environment...

Now being in a job where I get to travel quite a bit, I have to confess that its an amazing feeling to absorb new surroundings, learning something new and being with new people... I realise that every place is unique and gives you its typical vibes that makes one like or dislike a place. It takes an instant for me to predict whether I would enjoy being there or not... Right or wrong, its worth the risk for the novelty of it all!! :)

Monday, September 03, 2007

Broken lines...

A tiny stab of dissapointment...
She's losing touch...
The connection is fading...
The clues are vanishing...
.... probably its all for the best!!