Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The BIG deal about getting married..

Being off age and obviously being surrounded by people of the similar age bracket, a lot of my friends/ relatives are getting fixed for marriage. And man, the moment they realize that soon the knot will be tied, they begin to behave strangely. Here are a few examples of the temporary lapse of mental abilities I’ve noticed in people:

- A friend of mine began drinking every evening and smoking heavily. Once upon a time, he was a sane fellow and resorted to stuff once in a while.

- This girl friend I have did smoke earlier on but quit. She said that soon she’ll be married and have a family and smoking would not be good for it all and I so respected her for behaving so mature. A month ago she got fixed and since then has been smoking everyday, says soon she’ll be married and won’t be able to do it anymore. What was the point quitting anyways??

- Another relative who’ll soon be in-the-loop is an example I must put here. During college, this bloke was into smoking, drinking, wrong company and ate non vegetarian food, infact loved it (I DO NOT see any harm in that, so all the carnivores, no offense intended, just read on!!). Then he suddenly grew up when he moved out of town (another classic, people “get into” such stuff after leaving home) and quit everything to the point of stop eating even egg. He got into yoga, meditation, even fasting once a week. To present: he’s slowly getting back to it all!!

I’ve begun to wonder what actually does happen to people?? Are they happy/ sad or scared of the prospect and if any of the latter two, why go for it until you aren’t ready… I’ve heard that the prospect of losing their freedom freaks them out and if I begin to think on those lines, I wouldn’t get married ever because not being free scares the shit out of me. I wonder does it actually happen that you get bound post marriage or does it become a taboo to have fun?

But the question that on top of my mind is : “Will I too become paranoid and indulge into idiotic things when it happens to me??

Monday, November 26, 2007


And then it all comes back,
The times shared,
Moments spent,
Life lived...

And you relive it all in your head and wish...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Of questions,answers and confusions too...

Yesterday after the shoeline presentation, which surprisingly went pretty well, we attended this seminar called “How to gain Self Confidence- Amazing Secrets to boost your Confidence” by an outside speaker Mr. Rajiv Mathur.

He began the session with a prayer and requested us all to close our eyes and kind of meditate (which by the way I didn’t do). Being primarily a session aimed at motivating marketing personnel, the talk revolved around those areas. The topics mainly discussed were Self Growth, Positive thinking and Risk Taking and having heard the same for a zillion times and not belonging to the marketing division, the discussion failed to impress me much. However, being the only female in a crowd of forty did not give me that privilege of not concentrating as the speaker’s and my bosses eyes often sought mine amidst any discussion.

Although I give due credit to the presenter, the session was a drag. One of a very senior person in my office and few of the people I actually respect, Mr. Anant Ranjan’s contribution was however impossible to ignore. Two of the things he said were:

- While discussing why our company was not performing as well in contrast to others, inspite of having the biggest infrastructure, distribution and networking in India, Mr. Ranjan said “ours is like Gulliver (from Gulliver’s Travels) and these small firms have tied us down. Now its upto us to realize our strengths, break those shackles and rise again.” Funnily enough I quite liked the comparison and remember it in that state of semi consciousness.

- Another input by him while discussing how to bring out that hidden potential in an employee was “a job either brings out the BEST or the BEAST in you, the difference is just of an ‘A’”.

I thankfully left the conference mid-way inspite of his superb comments but there are a few things that I gathered from it. I understood that though I did like what Mr. Ranjan said but at times you cannot figure out why. Am in process of finding that answer for myself…

Monday, November 19, 2007

The irony of it all!!

People change...
Feelings change...
But surprisingly enough, the words remain the same!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


- 7:00 am every morning: The alarm buzzes and I get up from my warm bed, put it off and go back to sleep…

- 8:00 am: The maid knocks the door; I open it and crawl back into my bed for that 5 minute, ever precious sleep.

- 8:10 am: I get up with a jolt, realize that those five minutes have stretched upto ten and I really really need to rush to be in the office at 9:00 am.

- 8:55 am: 5 minutes to go and am tying my shoe laces, shoving my breakfast of fruit into a paper bag and giving instructions to my maid, all simultaneously!!

- 9:00 am: Am in my car and driving like a woman possessed who’s trying to break some kind of record of commuting from DLF to the Bata building, with the heavy morning traffic and the metro work in progress, in 7 minutes flat. And yay!! I do it every time…

- 8:30 pm: Am still at work and trying to figure out how would I ever manage to buy that pair of jeans I so desperately need (have been wearing this one for almost two weeks now, with one in laundry and the other one LOST!! plus umpteen whose fit I don’t like anymore... sigh...)

- 8:35 pm: Realise that I just have to get that jeans, it’s a question of life and death now and I simply cannot wear this anymore. Again my drive takes me to the malls.

- 8:45 pm: Am soo lucky!! The Levis store is open and I manage to grab a pair only to realize that I fit into one size larger than the one am wearing. Hell freezes and I complain to the salesman; he gives me crap like it’s a slim fit and hence the size variation. Although its some consolation but then, what crap!! Give me the fit I already wear but phuleese make me fit into the previous size… I decide to go on a diet. Period.

-9:15 pm: My flatmate joins me and we happily go to the food court and hog on the oohhh so delicious pasta.

Back to point 1: Did any of you try wondering why the hell do I set my alarm for 7.00 am everyday when I have to get up only after 8:00?? Well, every single evening, post dinner I realize how much weight I’ve put on and pledge to go for a run in the morning. But then those sleep devils coax me into that just-a-five-minute sleep and I happily give in to the temptation: yet again!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tags and some more..

Well, here I take a tag again to fill that blog vaccum... Somehow lately I haven't been able to think of anything worthy enough of a post so the tag shall have to do. I was tagged by Memyself_n_I and here it goes:

-Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it:I have a tiny scar just above my right eye, got it as a child while playing don't know what.

- What does your phone look like? My phone, well I use a Reliance so don't have much of a choice... Got a Nokia 6265 and now I don't even know why I invested into such an expensive cellphone (according to my standards), hardly use any of its functions!! :(

- What is on the walls of your bedroom? Well nothing at all, I am a minimalist. ;)

- What is your current desktop picture? You all know whats on my PC at work, my laptop has this picture of my best friend and me in Goa!! :D

Will this ever end?? Whewww...

- Do you believe in gay marriage? Totally, its absolutely individual and I respect it.

- What do you want more than anything right now? Leave my current job...just run away!!

- Are your parents still together? Yes.

- Last person who made you cry? Some jerk I don't even want to mention here.

- What is your favorite perfume/cologne? Gucci/ Lacoste

- What are you listening to? Nothing, my office doesn't permit people enjoying their work, though am humming Lemon Tree.. :)

Why am I writing this?? Does it make any difference at all??

- Do you get scared of the dark? Nope, not at all, woudn't survive in Gurgaon otherwise..

- Do you like pain killers? Whaaaa?? Who began this tag anyways?

- If you could eat anything right now, what would it be? Nothing, just had a chocolate, all to myself.. ;)

- Who was the last person who made you mad? This colleague of mine who has a major attitude problem.

- Who was the last person who made you smile? Am mad, at times I smile for no obvious reasons, but well, here I'll give it to S.

- Is someone in love with you? Yep..think so.. ;)

Yay!! I did it!! And now it my turn to do the honours. So the tag goes to Sangfroid, Adi Crazy, Ani and Sreejith plus whoever wants to take it up..Till then!! :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

My feel good factors.

- Reading a good book with a hot chai during rains.
- Driving back home from work after a particulary hectic day...good music, empty roads.
- Hanging out with friends and laughing your lungs out for no apparent reason.
- Having a heart to heart with an old friend after a long time.
- My family laughing at the of stupidest jokes I crack...
- Eating good food at a nice, quiet place, surrounded by people you want to be with.
- Feeling the sun on your face on a cold, winter morning..
- The spitter splatter of rains...
- Being nasty and getting away with things that my male friends can't, just by giving your best smile.
- Those very brief crushes..
- Getting up in the morning, being all ready for work and then bunking it, just for a two hour sleep!!
- Watching my niece and nephews grow up.
- Coming across an old mail, note with memories attached to them..
- Getting goose bumps on watching a very romantic movie.
- Discussing good old college days.
- Freedom...