Monday, October 29, 2007

Am sad... :'(

N moved out today,
Hadn't realised till now how important she was,
Already missing her lots!! :(

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Ball Syndrome!!

Being in the work scene for three years now, I had just heard about female exploitation, but now being on the receiving end, I exactly know what its like…

I am sooo mad at people here!! A series of events in my office made me witness what I just saw in movies or heard from other people. How the “weaker gender” used their feminism to rise at work… Mine is an MNC and primarily comprises of middle-aged men in their late 40s, staying away from home while the top management constitutes of foreigners, again away from their families. Being on the top level plus being a ‘firang” gives them that added advantage of getting away with things on the pretext of being liberal, unlike us Indians…

The first incident happened at this meeting where we presented our collection to one of the senior guys. He is an Italian guy in his late 40s or 50s. He made this female stand on the display table before about thirty people saying that he wanted to see the look of a particular footwear design on the feet. The female was more than happy to oblige and get all the attention even with people passing remarks and spreading their arms and asking her to fall, she was all smiling and laughing… Was that attitude alright or am I the only one who’s seeing things out of proportion??

A few days ago, in another meeting, I took a step behind to give this senior guy space to walk. By chance my shoulder just brushes mildly to the rack behind, “not hurting” me at all. That a****** has the audacity to rub my shoulder…It’s a probability that he’d have thought that I might have hurt myself, but I believe that every girl recognizes a touch, the intention behind it and I felt disgusted. All I could do was shrug his hand and give him the coldest, dirtiest look possible…

Towards the end of it, I am confused. I don’t know whether its the men who suffer from the so called “ball syndrome” to be blamed or the females who do let them take that kind of advantage.. But one thing is for sure, its soon going to be bye-bye time for me (hopefully)!!

Monday, October 22, 2007


Long time ago I had this discussion with a friend about the concept of "Soulmates"... Although I am not a very romantic person but somewhere I do believe in it, I do believe that once in your lifetime you do find a person whose perfect for you, with all his/her imperfections...

It may be your friend or the one you love or even a person you barely know but you find that strange connection with him/her which exists with nobody else. You find yourself drawn to that person, you may love him or even hate him, you may or may not get to be with him but the connection is almost tangible...the pain of being away unexplainable.

You may not be in touch with that someone for ages, infact never be able to talk at all but the bond exists, in your heart, in your mind...and suprisingly, even that seems enough...

Monday, October 15, 2007


I am sooooo HAPPY...
I am glad that Saturday happened!! :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My latest wishlist..

I am at work right now and thats the last thing I want to do... So here I end up reading everyone's posts on my blogroll and wishing that:

- I could get a week off, go back home, get pampered, read a lot, sleep, eat good food and not worry about getting back to work the next day.
- Saturday would come sooner, I take an off this time!! :)
- N would find a job in Gurgaon and wouldn't have to move out of the house...
- I get super powers and remember all the figures am supposed to memorise every week... :(
- My boss would begin to like me just a teeni-tiny bit!!
- I could meet my parents.
- Meet all my friends from school (+2) OR college (NIFT/IIT), hang out with them, have fun like the good old days...
- Shop till I die... ;)
- Decide whether I should go for hair straightening or not!!
- Collect money soon enough to buy my Dad that laptop I've been saving up for.
- Both my categories would show sky rocketing profits!! Lol.. I've lost it completely... ;)

Thats it!! Before starting to write this one, I thought I'd have a long list but surprisingly I finished pretty quickly..sigh!! Now I can peacefully get back to work and stop feeling guilty of wasting time!! ;)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tagging for fun!! :)

Although I am not particulary fond of tags, took up Rajeev's to fill that vacum in blogging. Its simple, easy and fun!! :) Plus, I've had a particularly tensed day at work and blogging seemed approriate to calm my jittery nerves..

This screen shot is that of my PC at work (now you guys can very well imagine how vela I am here!!) ;) I like my desktop uncluttered hence so much of free space..

Anyone willing to take up this tag can, but please let me know, it would be fun taking a peek other spaces too!! :)