Friday, April 18, 2008

The trust factor..

~ What makes you allowing strange electrician/ plumber/ carpenter into your house?
~ What makes you give your house keys to your maid you’ve known for months?
~ What makes you go to places in a strange cab, strange city?
~ How do you believe that stranger you’ve just asked direction from?
~ What makes you give yourself in the hands of a strange man who’ll rip open your body for that operation?
~ What makes you deposit all your money into a bank?
~ What gives to the strength to enter into matrimony with a strange man, with a few recommendations?
~ What give you the courage to cross the road during heavy traffic?

A thousand such questions run through my mind and the only answer I get from within myself is: TRUST, my trust in fellow humans, my trust in God, and somewhere in myself too.

And people tell me I don’t trust easily, crap!!


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

'instincts' rather, doncha think?

Shruti said...

oh.. and I thought I dont trust anyone.. :D ..I do I do :)

Kenny said...

I'd have to say It's more of an instinct too...going with what that inner voice tells u..i don't think i'd trust anybody totally on any of the cases mentioned ;)

Sunil said...

Yes! to trust is human.
Sometimes people tend to term ones curiosity as mistrust.

Have a nice time. :)

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

i think its instinct too... just that little voice that can sometimes be irritating but should be given a lot of imporrtance too... :)

Impressionist said...

hehe! people are lying when they say they dont trust easily!
I remember reading a quote somewhere, it goes like this.. "You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you don't trust enough."


Pointblank said...

Hmmm.. The desire to survive actually!
and i love tat quote impressionist!

J said...

Trust, Gut feel, instincts.. blah blah..

I guess trust is perhaps a step further from the usual, or something like it.

Sam said...

Busy Writer, Perhaps..

Shruti, Lols..yeh, you do!! ;)

Kenny, I dunno, but I somehow do..

Sunil, You got it right!! :)

Bubbles, I know, most of the decisions in my life are instinctive and where people are concerned, I go by my gut feeling.. that inner voice sure can't be ignored!!

Impressionist, Bullseye!! :D

Pointblank, Hey, I LOVE the quote too!! :)

J, What, couldn't get you??

Anonymous said...

You kno...its mostly born out of instinct, but there is another element. If u dont trust them all, life would really be inconvenient and u'll hafta manage a lot of stuff on ur own ryt?
so its not like yo have too much choice. But yea...its mostly instinct that tells you that u can go ahead with trustin people.

Anonymous said...


Sam said...

Upec, Hmm..that incovinience thing does make sense!! ;)

burf said...

he he

i can imagine you running amok on road, eyes wide open, suspecting everything/body

bilkul aisi lagegi jaise pagal-khane se bhaagi hui ho :P :D


Sam said...

Burf, Gosh, only you could've come up with that one!! :P

burf said...

shukriya, if that was meant to sound as a compliment ;) :P


burf said...

oyye samy, tumare yaha pe abi bi apne boss ko likhne ke liye letters hi use hote hain kya? ya email jaisi kuch cheez bi hoti hai :P :P :P

ya ya i know, it is the 2nd time :D

Sam said...

Burf, What do you think??

Haan prem patra likhte hain, saara kaam paper pe hota hai, I work for CBI aur we do it jisse ki tere jaise log email hack na kar sakein aur hum tujhe pakad lein.. ;)
What was the question for??

burf said...

arre baba, sidha question pucha tha, jawab mein ulta question mil gaya... :(

agar ekdum plain shabdo mein bola jaye to email puchne ko aur agar cryptic mein bola jaye to teri digital handwriting read karne ke liye [sigh...]

Sam said... secret hai, tu mujhe apna email de de, vaapas reply mil jayega.. ;)

burf said...

oho, muje ab lag ra hai ki osama ki team mein to tu hai :P

chal koi nahi jetushar at gmail pe fast dial karle :D

Sangfroid said...

oops! where did my comment disappear :-|

anyways, trust is good to have and crap is inevitable :-P

Sam said...

Burf, :P

Sangfroid, Did it?? :( And why the hell do your comments make so much sense!! ;)

Sangfroid said...

o ... do they? m flattered :-D

Sam said...

Sangfroid, :D

geet said...

i thought i commented here ???

geet said...

well i had commented just apart.. your 'NEED' at that moment helps you decide

J said...

You are tagged :P

Sam said...

Geet, Whats happening to the comments, hey seem to be just dissapearing!! :( Yeh, I guess, trust is more of a need or we'd all go insane..

J, :P