Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I hate summers!! I know most of us do but I’ve always justified somehow why I should like them. A new season, noise, sunshine and also because I happen to be a summer child but lately I am finding more reasons to think otherwise. The list is endless but here is goes:

- My house is swarmed with lizards, and the worst was today, I woke up and saw two of them mating in the kitchen. I got some sadistic pleasure buy throwing water at them and making them run apart.
- There are all sorts or insects, everywhere I see.
- The heat deprives me of all my energy. I come back extremely tired and go off to sleep, no socializing, no fun!!
- People around me who’ve not discovered the uses of the deodorant stink and stink real bad.
- Everything rots and smells, from the food to even the vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator.
- Everybody around me is so worked up by the heat that they get all irritable and mad.
- You cannot travel anywhere except the mountains which are dreadfully crowded.
- Shopping at Sarojini remains no fun, minus the amazing summer wear you get there at this time.
- Even water doesn’t do you any good.
- I hate the way all the exposed area gets tanned. Even those sunscreen lotions feel all sticky.
- You can’t see clearly while driving with the sun directly in your eyes. And I do wear shades.
- There is no use taking a shower, by the time I am done, am sweating again.
- Fresh is a word one can never use during summers.
- Flowers become expensive.
- Jeans become unbearable; they seem to gnaw my legs.
- I see lights on the lampposts on, in the afternoon when the sun is so brilliant that you can’t see what’s ahead of you and then we get power cuts!!
- I have to shampoo every alternate day, the hair don’t dry easily, the humidity does not allow them to and keeping the hair open does not remain an option.
- I can’t breathe.

I can go on and on but it’ll be too much on Mother Nature so I’ll stop... Summers, I guess make me bicker too!!


J said...

Hahahahaha... Summers yeh, they suck. I'm a winter person.

Guess how much the temp. here is? A pleasant 16° C :D

Sangfroid said...

Poor lizards!
Lil lizzy, if born, would avenge its parents agony :-P

I hate summers too but ... No one would mind you wearing a skirt/midi/mini instead of jeans :-)

NCR is killing. These days Blore is pretty hot too :-|

aparna said...

i SO agree! my addition to the list :

- I need to take my chai break in the afternoons, but in summer when its so hot you don't want to drink hot tea but then you know you have to ;) it's irritating!! {and none of the iced tea business works for me, i need good old masala chai}

Anonymous said...

SRT.. u such a pervert man.Its their mating season and u r depriving them of eternal bliss and also eavesdropping on them doing "IT".tch.. shame on ya.

Neways but i like summers in delhi coz lot of short stuff come out of many people's wardrobe... ;)

Kenny said...

I hate summers!! :(

The lizards must be pretty pissed off with u though. :D

Sam said...


Sangfroid, Obviously if he/she is born, the subject of agony does not arise at all.. ;)
I do wear skirts but jeans are indispensable!!

Aparna, I exactly know what you mean, like you am addicted to tea, the good old hot one ar I get a headache!!

Anon, Looks whose talking, its YOU whose's a pervert!! ;)

Kenny, I hope they are so they can leave my home and find some place else!! :)

Kartik Shankar said...

Lizzy Lizzy on the wall
Who's the biggest bum of them all
SRT, SRT loud they squeak,
And all cos she got herself to peek


For starters - lizards or no - while "it" is being done - either you appreciate (if you are the type who like to watch :D) or you ignore and think of the birds and bees or the rising sun if you are a DD fan ;)

Summers yeahh they get my goat too and not that Hyd is anyway better but I've experienced Summers in Delhi and boyy do you get roasted :(

Even hard core sleep lovers like moi can't get to sleep cos of the humidity. Food gets spolit. Milk ditto. All sorts of creepy crawlies come out and make hay while the sun shines (or love - pun intended :)).

Going out anywhere between 9 a.m and 8 pm becomes an ordeal.

And oh so many things.

I hate the summers.

geet said...

i did send some clouds to dilli from here!!!

electricity ka panga rahega dilli main coz of increase in demand...

i hope abhi you are doing better!!

geet said...

i did send some clouds to dilli from here!!!

electricity ka panga rahega dilli main coz of increase in demand...

i hope abhi you are doing better!!

Sam said...

Kartik, I don't like to look, hence the way I treated them!! ;)

And the summers, they still are killing, getting worse by the day..

Geet, :D Dilli did get them, thanks so much!! :) And am good, hope you are too..

Adi Crazy said...

Oh man..summers sure suck. Same with me- wash hair every 2nd day, shower and sweat instantly and the constant bickering.

Sam said...

Adi, I know.. I know!! :)