Wednesday, February 03, 2010


He up there understands me, my faith is reaffirmed (it never was gone).

I landed in a job that takes 12-13 hours of my day leaving me no time to grasp life and that's totally refreshing..


ani said...

:) wishes you hope!

~ PS: it's not a healthy long tern solution.. so find yourself and get out fast! ;)

mêlée said...

hey thats good news :)

akanksha said...

Good one!!! But how do u handle 12 hrs a day?

Sam said...

Ani, Nah, this is just what I need.. :)

Melee, Exactly :D

Akanksha, Umm..I come back and dose of without realising a thing.. :)

Sangfroid said...

Miss Workaholic :-)

If you like it, so be it!