Monday, December 20, 2010


Very recently my dad offered to buy me the much talked about Amazon Kindle and I refused. Can you believe it, yes I refused.

I am not a very techno savvy person, my laptop is turning six and my last purchase a year ago was my cell phone: Nokia E72 that I sincerely regret buying. I prefer using my Samsung Guru, the cheapest version available and the only so called gadget I would possible invest in would be a very very nice watch (if it can be called a gadget), for the simple reason that I would at least wear it 23.5 hours a day.

Anyways, coming back to books, the fact is that I love to read, going upto two books a week at times and spending Rs. 5000 a month on an average so buying a Kindle would be a sensible option but I love books too much to replace them with technology. I love their warm smell, I love scribbling on them, even doodling if a particular text reminds me of something. I love looking at the glossy paperbacks and making mistakes by judging them with just that. I love spending hours every weekend at the bookstore and realizing that the staff knows me by name now. I love cuddling up in the quilt with just my eyes popping out to read or sitting in the sun with tea and a book.

Basically, I love books too much to replace them with fibre and plastic and somehow looking back at my collection of books and trying to remember my memories associated to them is fun.

A regular long post after a long time, it feels good..


mad hatter said...

Ditto on the feeling, though i have moved on the digital world for my reading material these days.

Sam said...

Mad Hatter: You bought a Kindle or something else??

Sangfroid said...

I would have still gone for the Kindle deal. Just that no one offered me :)