Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Once, a long time ago, my cousin commented this on one of my posts and now after all this while it makes the most sense to me.

"What goes round, comes round.So many times we limit our happiness by giving it a certain definition.Then we wait for it to prove true. Some lives are perfect circles, and others oblong shapes.It might not make sense to you but know that every unexplained curve in it is a perfect fit for another oblong piece lying there somewhere.You just need to stick out till you finish the puzzle."

Probably the nicest piece of advise somebody gave me.

And so I wait to find my perfect unexplained curve..


akanksha said...

Very well said! :-)
M waiting for mine too!

Good Luck:-)


Anonymous said...

:) and i shaped up into infinity

Anonymous said...

Bazinga :)

Sam said...

Akanksha, Keep faith.. ;)

Veggiecrook, Right :)

Anon, Whats that.

Sangfroid said...

All the best!

By the way, Bazinga is geek slang for Bingo :)

Raam Pyari said...

what your bro said makes perfect sense to me! first time here! will keep coming for more :)

Javit said...

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Do have read if you feel like it.

Trash it. Link it. Love it. Hate it.