Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Right now I want to feel all thin and sexy and beautiful and happy.
I want to wear the brightest of colours in one T, so bright that it hurts the eye. All fuchsia’s and greens and blues and yellows, all in one.

Right now I want to team this up with that nice little denim skirt that brings out that T with bright forals and wear the pretty gold sandals that make me feel all young.
I want to wear no make-up and pretend I am my teenage self who cared about getting it all right but didn’t know how to.

Right now I want to feel stupid and immature again who did not judge people the moment she met them, who took people at their face value.
I want to go and have a crush on a guy for no reason or logic but only because he can make me laugh.

Right now I want to be the girl who envied others for being so calm, methodical and self assured while she was going all wild and crazy.
Right now, I want to wear brights again, right now I want to be young again..


~ ॐ ~ said...

so did you do it?

akanksha said...

If you managed to do it, let me know how!

Cocktail Party said...

Oh! I thought u are pretty young.. ain't u? But I get wat ur saying.. even I feel like turning back time sometimes.....

Sam said...

Om,Akanksha, Didn;t do it. Somehow wrting about it was enough.. ;)

Cocktail Party, All of us do.. :)

maverick said...

i gues..just go out and do it....why think abt it too much..just do it :)