Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Am tired..

The one thing that is more loathsome than anything else is loneliness and it makes you do such things that you wouldn’t have imagined yourself doing a few years back. Not only do you sabotage your ego and pride, but hassle about people who don’t give a rat’s ass to you, and all of it to fill that huge void in you that just does not seem to disappear.

And you don’t end it even though you know you should, you carry on taking that agony, pain and humiliation for the fear of feeling lonely again, for the hope of being accepted.

If only I could kill this need within me, it would be so much simpler..

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mêlée said...

That need is hard to kill and it just goes with time with changed circumstances. At times like this, I used to rely too much on mt phone and would call up several times only to see that nobody picks up those calls, as if they were all so busy! Parents were the only exception, and I never had much to talk there. And yes, such time can do unimaginable things to I promised myself to grow as much indifferent and act as much busy as people had done to me. Cruel, and stupid...but thats all I could see with my hurt ego and affection-starving heart.
I am not trying to recommend anything, but do you think reading books, or traveling, or learning something new will help?