Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A first of many..

It's been the longest ever and not without a reason. I am finally married now, moved cities and live in total ambiguity like never before. As my husband (there is a funny click to it on my tongue) sleeps next to me in total bliss, I manage to get the time and the inclination to post.

It has been a serious roller coaster ride, one that doesn't seem to end any sooner. I have doubted my decision a million times, prayed to God like never before to lead me, seen signs which am not sure were there or not, but finally made it. And am so glad I did!! In him not only I find my friend, but a kind and honest man who respects me and cares about me in an almost parental way. He trusts me, guides me and helps me, he wipes my tears and still fights with equal ease. He loves my parents and my family, and teaches me how to love his. I can go on about him, this crazy, funny man I've married but most importantly, he lets me be.

I guess my love story has finally begun..


mêlée said...

wow I am overwhelmed and slightly lost for words!
Congratulations! And my best wishes for the new beginning, it will be a beautiful journey :)

Sangfroid said...

Congratulations, Sam!

And, all the very best :)

Sam said...

Melee, Thank you soo much.. :)

Sangfroid, *takes a bow*.. thanks :)