Monday, May 06, 2013

Aspirations and more..

"Life is like riding a bicycle,
You must keep moving in order to keep you balance." Einstein.

I've been hooked to Instagram lately and the more I see pictures of the younger and cooler ones, the more I realise what all I could have done, all the I could have achieved. I repent the opportunities missed, I wanted to grow up quickly and begin working. I was fascinated by the idea of earning my own money, getting the freedom that comes with it and though that was sweet, I want to do so much more now.

I don't regret much that I did in life but I do repent making more mistakes, taking more risks. Growing up has taught me a lesson, to be more impulsive, to follow my heart. I should have travelled more, worked harder and aspired to be bigger, been more frivolous and flamboyant . I've learnt that life will end up being what it has to be and you end up remembering only the nicer parts, past is forgotten easily and life should be lived and not just withered away.

Maybe this is what they say wisdom is, maybe that's what they call experience but the fact remains that I'll never be young again.

Maybe that's the ultimate lesson that we all learn as we travel in this so called journey called life..

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