Monday, February 16, 2015

Because saying goodbye is never easy..

I sometimes wonder how I can abandon this place for months- a place that has given me so so much that I can’t possibly put into words.

I remember finding my way here when I was heartbroken for the first time. Initially (and I hate to admit it), I began writing just to prove that it didn’t hurt, that I was too strong for a relationship to break me.  At that time, I wasn’t cynical enough and this place wasn’t personal enough so I posted the link on Orkut- not only could friends read it and testify for my bravery, but “he” could too and I knew that he would get sooo pissed off seeing that I was not that sobby girl who he’d left behind but someone who couldn’t care a damn. It was mission accomplished, or I’d like to believe so..

Slowly, I began writing more and weirdly enough people were reading me even though I’d removed my link from Orkut. I began sharing my fears of starting all over again (something I was going to do quite a few times in the years to come), of being around new people. When work got tough or I failed miserably in another relationship- this was my “go to” space, only this time the "boyfriends" weren't aware of here. Being that super private person I was, I wouldn’t write how I felt in as many words but indicated enough for me to vent out everything inside me. I never took names, never have, never will and that made it soo much easier. 

I also began reading so much on other spaces and they gave me strength, I’d made some nameless friends who just knew me and since there was no mandate to be nice/ be in touch all the time, I grew close to them through words only, it was just so simple. The intervention of Twitter made things change and a lot of people moved from here to there. Some things happened in my life too that made me stay away from here for long gaps- getting engaged and it not working out/ falling in love and not being reciprocated to name a few. So I usually visited this space in my bouts of melancholy, which were often too soon..

After a string of rubbish relationships, S happened and I stopped coming here as regularly as I did. He has become my “go to” person now- for everything! I know I will not be judged- just accepted, he gives me the same feeling that I get with my parents, of being loved unconditionally, of his having more confidence in me than I have on myself, laughing at my silliest of jokes, putting me to sleep, even telling me stories when I can’t; and I can obviously go on..

So the reason I am writing this is because it’s going to be a decade of here in July and when I go back to my earliest post, I didn’t have much to write about, to now when I am in a similar situation. I started because I was broken and now, after a decade when I think he fixed me I am tempted to say goodbye.

Let’s see..


mêlée said...

oh no, please dont give into that temptation.....I am happy that you are happy and I would love to read the happy you.

Sam said...

Melee, I don't think I can leave here, just don't have it in me.. :)