Wednesday, January 03, 2007

All that I want…

Here’s a list of qualities I want in a guy, I know its not possible and I also know for a fact that even if such a guy exists, I just might not be attracted to him but nonetheless, here’s my list…
This one should be:
- Honest
- Crazy
- Sensible
- Handsome
- Intelligent
- Flirt with me.
- Protective
- Should buy me flowers… and chocolates once in a while, without any reason.
- Should call me thin even when am bloating, and “yet” be honest!!
- He has to make me laugh… a lot.
- Believe in a bit of charity.
- Let me be stupid…
- A person I can talk to for hours…
- Must have nice hands.
- He has to smell good.
- Patient, after all he’s with me!!
- Intuitive.
- Interesting
- Witty
- Funny
- Must dance well and be able to make me dance… a bit to his own tunes as well… ;)
- Give me space and yet care.
- Love to travel.
- Enjoy art.
- Respect my dreams and ambitions.
- Respect my work.
- Take me to a very expensive restaurant for candle light dinner, just once a year.
- Pamper me for no reason.
- Love to talk, and talk ... and talk more, and then listen too.
- Let me shop.
- Help me shop!!
- Have an opinion.
- Respect my independence.
- Take me to a proper date, with flowers and works!!
- Take me to Opera, once in my lifetime.
- Fun
- Surprise me.
- Must be clean.
- NEVER take me for granted.

I wonder if someone like the above exists but whats the harm in dreaming!!;)


Anonymous said...

gud luck finding that guy!

anav said...

that's asking too much in one person...and some one already said good luck;)

Sameer said...

Tumharee maange toh mazdooro ki tarah badh rahee hai:P

xlnc said...
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Anonymous said...

I guess i have all the above metioned qualities, but i am not sure, if I wanna be wid u .. lol

anyways, i aint in london rite now... But wud like to know u more anyways...U seem to be a very interesting person...


Cheers n beers