Monday, September 10, 2007

A post long overdue..

In college, we were a group of 7 girls and each was a character in her own right.We stuck together all the time and someone even nicknamed us as the “seven sparrows”!! You see one and would be sure that the rest six are somewhere in the vicinity. However, the shining star of our set was (and mind you, still is) “G”. She’s exclusive, the most famous one, our very own social butterfly… Now “G” being all renowned and stuff, had quotes without which the history of our group remains incomplete.

So this one goes to “G”: THE STAR!! :

- Ladkiyon…blah blah.. (That’s how we got addressed as!!).
- I am seriously serious guys… (She’s trying to make a point here..).
- Oye ladki!! (Individual addressing lingo..).
- “Everyone knows “G” in NIFT” (this ones true!!)
- ME: What are you doing?
G: Rangoli bana rahi hoon!! We had this conversation every morning while sitting in adjacent loos in the hostel !! (am soooo dead!!) ;)
- Life sudharo… (Her constant effort at improving our state of minds/ lifestyles, which she thinks is totally distrupted).
- G’s definition of lipstick: “Akal ki Dawayi”!!

I’ve missed quite a few of her quotable quotes but that’s all I could recollect for now. I also know for a fact that I am finished if/ after she gets to read this one but its worth the abusives nonetheless.

P.S: Dedicated to G with contributions from Ap, T and V.


akanksha said...

hee hee...good one!!!! reminded me of good old college days..and life at much i miss those days...

Sam said...

@akanksha: Yeh i now, hostel was aweasome!! ;) Miss it sooooo much..

Rajeev said...

sad that i was never in a hostel! :D

peace& love

akanksha said...

You are tagged gal!! visit my blog for details.

Sam said...

@rajeev: You are missing on something in life dude!! ;)

@akanksha: Did it..thankfully Ani n you tagged me the same one so am saved of the ordeal of writing seperate tags!! Yay!! :P

Sangfroid said...

I exercised my grey cells but failed to understand “Akal ki Dawayi”, puhleez enlighten ... ;-)

Sam said...

@sangfroid: You aren't "supposed" to use grey cells here although I haven't the slightest of doubts that you have plenty!! ;)

Sangfroid said...

Thanks for not doubting my intellect :-P

but still ... m waiting for enlightnment ... plzzzz

Sam said...

@sangfroid: You're welcome!!;) Regarding "akal ki dawayi', it was just a stupid explaination for a more stupid question!!
I have this habit of asking dumb questions like asking the person what he/she is doing inspite of seeing it infront of me, just to irritate the person, hence the answer!!
Got it?? ;)