Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Of Realisations and Insight...

I haven't been able to post anything for sometime now and its getting to me. The work pressure is tremendous and by the end of the day am so drained that can't seem to come up with anything though I do manage to visit and comment on others blogs which is some solace.

Anyways, lots been happening with me, some more realisations, a little more insight... For once I realised what a bad judge of character I was. I know this someone for years and never understood how two faceted he/she was...whats a person without honesty, without integrity enough to stand by what one has done instead of shoving the blame on someone else??

One of my friends/ colleagues pointed out that I came across as an arrogant person, a person with airs about herself on the first meeting. I verified it with a few of my closest friend and they agreed to it which was quite surprising. Yeah, I would say that I am slightly reserved initially, I do have my inhibitions when I first meet someone but they wander off as quickly...Something wrong being a little cautious??

In a jiffy right now, just had to post the above... shit, am so confused!! Better post next time..


ani said...

there there li'l lady!

(gigantic hug!)

chin up n chillax! this too shall pass!

Sangfroid said...

hey ... u do not appear even a wee bit arrogant in your writings :-)

besides, a lil arrogance is given!

Ani's gigantic hug (dats a beautiful representation) must have done u gud already :-)

akanksha said...

Well u know wt...i've found this about myself too..a lot of people come up and tell me that they found me arrogant when the first time they met me..but now its a different story they know.
Misconceptions!! or i should say,looks are deceptive.
btw i loved the line "better post next time"
Tk cr dear.

Sam said...

@Ani:Awwwww..thanks sweetie, I too believe: this too shall pass, it HAS to!! :) And as Sangfroid said, the hug did me loads od good.. :)

@Sangfroid: Thanks, helps but then you haven't "met" me!! :P And I'll take it, "a lil arrogance is given".. take it or leave it!! Cheeky me..hehee

@Akanksha: Thanks sweetie, it sure is great knowing that I got company.. ;)
That liner was purely instinctive and I mean it too, glad you liked it.. :)

MeMyself_n_I said...

it really hurts when someone you've trusted implicitly lets you down.
and sometimes people misinterpret cautiousness as arrogance. they're stupid. :-)

cheer up!!!

wacko said...

y do you give a fuck? and even if u do, why the fuck do u let it creep to ur mind so much so that u tink bout bloggin bout it...

cmmon, everybody knows, there are millions and millons of critics of an individual...if u keep listenin to each one of em, i tink u'd die of infirmities at sucha young age..

get back to the usual cheerful u!

aight! tc!

ani said...

:))))) i'm glad it helped!!!! ludviskpnks! (i owe u watever u want if u can figure tat out!) :D

sangfroid: :)) thanx!

Sam said...

@memyself_n_i: Ditto!! ;) I does feel like crap but after this outburst on the blog and the amazing comments by you people, I feel awesome.. ;) Thanks!! :)

@wacko: Thanks sweetie.. ;) I know it shouldn't bother me, but probably its one of those days when even the slightest of things does!! But with you people around, am sure I'll do just fine.. :)

mad hatter said...

sam dear,
dont agree to that post a arrogance..these ppl are just potty in the head...! a huggie for me too...

>-------- :D---------<

Sam said...

@ani: I like it: "I owe you whatever you want".. nice. ;)

@madhatter: Thanks sweetie, your opinion DOES know why!! :)