Monday, December 10, 2007

And thats how its done.

Took up this one from J ...on discovering, tagging, blogging, commenting... Don't know how many tags I've done until now but anyways, here it goes:

BLOGGING: Was introduced to it by a friend about an year ago and when I begin to reason why I blog, am left with the following answers:
- I began because I wanted to maintain that standard of English (though there's not much to "maintain") for I believe that by stopping to write, one forgets the appropriate words to express themselves.
- I love to write; find it easier penning my thoughts on paper, reasoning out things than talking it out.
- Reading what others think about issues, getting various perspectives, learning new things fascinates me.
- After being here, I've realised that certain emotions I feel are not mine alone and that I got company!! :)
- Met some amazing people here to whose writings I always look forward to...

DISCOVERY: Refer to "blogging", pretty much covers it all..

COMMENTING: I love to read, be it about an issue, something funny, anything arbit, basically anything at all. And on reading, if I like it or I don't like it, I choose to speak out..

Am done with another tag and it just hit me that my tags are beginning to make just a little sense after all..

The tag's passed on to anyone who chooses to take it.


anav said...

For a change ur blog was without comment so thought lets grab the chance to b the first mover...i pretty much agree with what u have to say, to be true having not written anything for so long i find it difficult to get back to expressing my thanks for pushing me to blog on again..:)

Sangfroid said...

know what, i once tot of doing a '10 reasons I blog' kinda post. Never did it but i can see similar reasons u mention here.

btw, welcome 2 b'lore in advance! :-)

Sam said...

Anav, Get back to it right now..and stay!! :)

Sangfroid, Know what, do that post!! I tag you.. ;)
B'lore is a distant possibility for now.. :(

J said...

Your tags are making sense.. hhmm which only means you need to do some more ;)

Sreejith said...

i am glad you blog because people like me like to read!

Sam said...

J, Nooooo!!!! :)

Sreejith, Thanks, am glad. Adding your comment to the list of the nicest ones I've got till yet!! :)