Friday, September 12, 2008

The whys of my life..

Alright, without further delay, I'll get on with my nonsensical rambling..

- Why can't I get any sleep at this unearthly hour of 3:30 am?? Okie, that's fairly simple, I ended up having two mugs of coffee at Barista, getting carried away with the rains, the interesting book I was reading and by the stupid feeling of contentment that suddenly enveloped me. For a while I thought my life was awesome, to be thrown back to reality moments later..

- Why the hell did I have to "grow up"?? I mean I was dieing to become an adult, not having to go to school, earn myself, be on my own but nobody told me it would be that difficult and homework issues, boys problems, baby fat, pimples and curfew timings were but minor bits!!

- Why do I need to take decisions?? I hate doing that but neither do I like somebody else doing that for me.. It sounds cool to say that I'd rather blame myself and shit (which works for me at times too), but it never hurts to blame others..

- Why am I a Gemini (stupid one, its my parents fault!!) but I believe in the sun sign bit and think that confusion, indecisiveness, talking in paradox, not knowing what I want, being unfocused, stubborn, having my own way, being a freedom fanatic, such traits just arise due to belonging to this sun sign..

Yeh, I figured it out towards the end, its the way am born, the way I will remain and there's pretty much nothing I can do about.. I guess my whys are somewhat answered..


J said...

and you answered all the questions in one shot (somewhat) :P

Impressionist said...

lol! U have the answers and u cry about it? :D
ur perfect, stop worrying :P


akanksha said...
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akanksha said...

I guess u love to crib,just about anything in the world, Just like me....Things are easier to haldle, once they have been cribbed about!
HAve a nice weekend!

Sangfroid said...

Well analyzed and concluded!

btw, Coffee/Book + Rains is a killer trio :-)

ani said...

~extremely puzzled expression
~ an expression which says u have nuthn better to say??
~whyyyy?!!! why??!!!!!

this was a first time conversation with someone who i now call 'my darker half'! And since that day if i have to ask a question and it has a why in it.. it goes unanswered!!

~ ahh the joys of a barrista and a rainy night and a book/music! ;)

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

Hey! Look into MY life, you'll feel good about yours. :)

Sam said...

J, Yeh..I kinda did!! :D

Impressionist, :D, thanks sweetie but believe me, am faaaar from just that: "perfect"!! ;)

Akanksha, Yeh cribbing apparently is our birth right and then it kinda cleanses our mind too.. :)

Sangfroid, :) Yeh a killer trio that results in totally sleepless nights!! ;)

Ani, I so know what you mean!! :D

Busy Writer, Sweetie, apparently the grass is always greener on the other side.. :) I'll wait for you to finish college and then we'll talk!! ;)

Hershey Desai said...

I will answer all thy whys

Why can't you get any sleep at this unearthly hour of 3.30 am. Its not the coffee, its not the book. 3.30 am is not an unearthly hour. Its a nice hour. I am awake always around that time.
Life is awesome. But its a catch 22. Your life will stop being awesome the moment you realize that it truly is awesome. The only way you can make it awesome again is not think of it being awesome.

I love catch 22s

Why did you grow up? hmm, because you can get out of the kiddie phase and start with the awkward teenager phase. Soon shall come the nerve wracking college phase. And then the infinite job interviews phase, marriage phase, diaper changin phases...etc etc.

Btw, what the hell are "boy problems".
Baby fat is cute. Pimples, as long as you don't pop em you will survive. Pop and you will be damned with a scar for eternity.

Why do you need to take decisions?
Because its fun.
You can ALWAYS decide to do stuff yourself, and if it goes wrong then "decide" to blame it on someone.

Why are you a gemini? Whats wrong with a gemini? Geminis are quite ok I think...Twoface was a gemini, Dr Jekyll was a gemini, Werewolves and vampires are should be proud. Alas, I am only half gemini. But thats ok, I got enough traits from both signs to keep me happy and at times chaotically unstable.

life is short. Less questions, more pizza.

Impressionist said...

I mean no one's perfect! but ur almost! :D hehe
atleast thats what I think, when compared to me! :D


Anonymous said...

Easiest explanation!!

Tu nahin sudheregi :)

Sam said...

Hershey, Thanks for that awesome comment!! :D
Now, I agree that 3:30 is a good time, you just made me realise that.. :) Its THE time to be myself!!
Next, I've been outta that kiddie phase for long now, past the college phase, been 4 yeras into the working one, and dreading the marriage phase.. :D
You guys will never understand boys problems, these are exclusive to girls. I hate baby fat AND pimples. Period.
I like your take on the decision bit, its totally like me!! :)
And I dint know I feel into that prestigious lot by being a Gemini!! :P
Life sure is short but the questions can't be helped.. ;)

Impressionist, You're a sweetheart!! :D

Anon, Kabhi nahi.. :P

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Sam said...

Anwin, Thanks but I don't belong to Kolkata!! :)