Saturday, September 27, 2008

An angry post..

These days I find myself thinking about the two-facetness of it all: people, situations, moods, life!! I realize how taking somebody at their face value can be totally stupid and that no matter what, some people don’t change. They don’t stop being sad when somebody else does good in life or when life’s working well for a friend, irrespective of continuous efforts of that friend to be nice. They try their best to poison little things, relationships with other people to name a few..

I unfortunately happen to know somebody like that. For years I’ve tried to be nice, helping in the little way I can but mostly be happy for her. I have never wanted the same in return; just the fact that she keep her mouth shut, I mean is that asking for too much?? But no, this woman “has to” interfere in my life, she “has to” say the good part to me and be all bitchy before others.. Is it so difficult to mind your own business, keep your tongue under control and if none of these at least not be deceitful??

Damn, I hate such people and I wish I could do all but confront her, however, the very thought of disturbing all the harmony is stopping me from doing so..


rantravereflect/ jane said...

haaaa i know someone like that-->
trust me, STOP BEING NICE n get her out of ya hair:)she'l shut on her own..
i did it, n it works,..
ya can't be trapped in someone's vile deeds n acts, when ya stay away..
the poison poisons only the nearest n dearest..
soo walk out!

J said...

oh well these kinds are familiar. I suppose the point is not to let them get to you while keeping them at arm's length away.

burf said...

it is difficult being in company of such creatures, i am sure

especially when you can't escape them

Anonymous said...

SRT aise logon pe thu...

ya fir unhe phod dal.


Sangfroid said...

"I wish I could do all but confront her" - Grant yourself this wish just once and it'll be fine :-)

ani said...

1. confront
2. go 'hari om!'
3. drink a chilled beer!

:) and the eternal biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig jhappi!! may the force be with u!!!

Sam said...

Rant, I wish I could, its too compliacted to explain.. :(

J, Doing just that: ignoring!! :)

Burf, Totally!!

Anon, Ya right!! :P

Sangfroid, As I previously said, its not worth breaking the harmony of it all!! :(

Ani, Can't confront, don't take beer but the jhappi sure helps.. :D Muuaahh.. :)