Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Laughter and smiles..

God, prayers, wishes, good fortune, all these words make two people pop into my head: my parents. So like always, during some pooja ceremony while thinking of them, I thought about when had I last seen my Dad laughing, laughing as in gurgling with joy, as in the eyes going small and that happy crazy sound being emitted by the vocal cords, and sadly I couldn’t remember that last time.. I remember him being happy, happiness that beings tears to the eyes, relieved happy but not “laughing”..

I then thought about me, when had I last laughed so hard that my eyes would begin to water? I sure did during school and then in college, even sometime while I was working but that seems like a distant memory now. I do remember the soundless laughter of mine but the people, the situation has faded so apparently it must have been eons ago. And then I realized that as I had begun to grow older, probably wiser, getting to know more about the world, understand the people around me better, I’d laughed lesser.

Now I crave for those unreasonable reasons that gave me such happiness, that made people around me look at me and get confused between the state of happiness and madness, when a typical look or expression from a friend resulted in fits of euphoria.. I’ve begun to long for for those moments yet again.


Impressionist said...

Makes me think of the last time I laughed so hard that it made me cry!
well, it hasn't been very long since that happened to me though. thanks to my friends!
Although my life has reached a point where I hate it the most now, I still am lucky to have such lil' moments of joy which makes u cry so hard and forget about ur life for sometime atleast!
that was a nice post!


rantravereflect/ jane said...

:) yeahhhh collegenwas the time,n SCHOOOOLLL.. used to LAUGH like a mad horse on the run, until the stomach hurt..

but yeahhhhh, nowadasy it's with my best friends, whenever we meet; otherwise it's like, i've grown up too much, n igotta be serious n sober!

weelllllll, here's to you :)
let's hope 4 a lotta laughter

ani said...

and its always the smallest of things!

Sangfroid said...

So u've become conscious of how you look when you laugh out loud :-)

Sorry, bad joke!
btw, methinks the more abnormal one looks, the more infectious the laugh is :-P
also, finding reasons to laugh hard is tougher than finding excuses to cry/ feel weak.

dont want to bring tears to your eyes but here's something which might bring a smile :-P

Singh joined new job. 1st day he worked till late evening on the computer. Boss was happy and asked what you did till evening.
Singh: Keyboard alphabets were not in order, so I made it alright.

Sam said...

Impressionist, Am so glad you do.. :)

Rant, I hope the same for you too!! :D

Ani, How true..

Sangfroid, :D You are damn sweet!! :)