Sunday, November 09, 2008

This thing called lonliness..

It was dark all around, dark and lonely and sad. It seemed that somebody had sucked the life out of her. She hated feeling that ways, procrastinating, juggling ifs and buts, trying to evade that fear that nothing would be right anymore, virtually giving it all up and running away.. She had been quite for more than ten hours and felt that if she stayed that way for a moment more, her mouth would get sealed and she wouldn’t be able to ever utter a word again, and not talking meant suicide, communicating had been her life line, her strength, probably one of the only things she prided herself for, and that fear made her scream into the empty apartment.. But there was nobody to hear her, nobody to reply or get worried and so she cuddled unto herself and let all those hushed emotions out: she cried!!


Sangfroid said...

Although there was nobody to hear her cry the other night, I can gauge the agony she must have gone through.
Picking up the phone n talking to that one person she holds closest to her heart would have helped.

Hoping that the crying has ceased n that the smile is back!
If not then,
Cheer Up ... Now :-)

Impressionist said...

awww...that sucks.
I mean the loneliness...I hope u find a room mate soon.
loneliness doesn't spare anyone, sometimes I get a feelin that my poor soul is gonna die of loneliness...but soon it is gone.


Impressionist said...

Im not doing that good, had met with an accident and tore my knee ligament. thats why I havent been able to update my blog regularly.
will be back soon


ani said...

>--:)--< big super jumbo hug sweets! and if its anything to cheer u up... i am coming to Delhi coming weekend!!! u better meet me up!!! mail me ur number!

Anonymous said...

hmm.... talking about saturday....

cheer up time try irritating the shit outta somebody. it helps. :)

Sam said...

Sangfroid, At times you can't find anybody at the end of the other line too so gotta take it all in a stride.. :) am doing just fine, thanks!! :D

Impressionist, I too hope so!! Btw, how did the accident happen? Hope you are recovering quickly, see you around.. :) Take care.

Ani, Awww, you are such a sweetheart!! But am sooo sorry, its my mom's birthday so am leaving for home this Thursday!! I missed you just by a tini tiny bit.. :( Anyways, you have a great trip and call me if you need advice on Delhi food joints.. Will drop my number on your mail, lurve you!! :*

Anon, At times you don't feel like doing that either.. ;)

Impressionist said...

I slipped off the bike and the bike fell on my left knee tearing my knee ligament!
but im better now! a lot better


Adi Crazy said...

and where r you? Its been almost a month!!

Sangfroid said...

Long time ... no updates ? Hope all is well!

Sam said...

Impressionist, That's great!! :) Take care..

Adi, Been here and there, how've you been??

Sangfroid, Doing fine, updates coming soon.. :D