Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've been..

- Sleeping and lazing BIG time.
- Eating on my own.
- Job hunting...kinda.
- Reading, a lot.
- Watching television like never before.
- Wishing for things to happen.
- Cribbing.
- Wishing things were different.
- Going for a lot of coffee.
- Looking for a flatmate.
- Keeping a tab on my bank account for the first time ever.
- Missing people.

In between all of that I had a great time at my best friend's wedding, met with old friends, gave an awesome bachelors to him (that's what I presume), realised that life could be fun if you had the right people by you..


Sangfroid said...

Good to see you back!

Most of what you've been upto is great but what is that you watch on TV, now that Big Boss is over :-P :-)

Right people is the key, you hit the bulls eye gal.

Kenny said...

Sleeping n lazing BIG time...think It's the cold that makes us all sluggish. All the best with the job hunt, looking for the flatmate...n the wish for things to happen. Can totally identify with the part about having the right ppl around. Hope to catch another post real soon. Keep writing!! :)

J said...

on the other hand, don't you just love the freedom to do what you want.

~ ॐ ~ said...

Amen to what i said on the other post !

Sam said...

Sangfroid, Its nice to be back and not forgotten!! ;) Regarding TV, well it plays in the background to relief the silence.. And I've NEVER watched Big Boss!! :D

Kenny, Nah its not that cold, not yet but it does sound the the best excuse!! ;) And thank you so much Kenny, another post coming up soon.. :)

J, Yes it does when you don't have to worry about your non-existent bank balance!! :)

Om, Yeh, amen!! :)

Impressionist said...

thats just what i too have been doing! :D
well almost...and u said it right!!
Life can be fun if u have the right people around u! :)


ani said...

oh man!! 48 straight hours in office and then i read this!! j-e-a-l-o-u-s!!!!!

Sam said...

Impressionist,Yeh, the right people make all the difference.. :)

Ani, It was short lived, am back to work and slogging my ass of for like 12 hours a day BUT am enjoying every moment of it, after all I got almost a three month break.. :D

Shruti said...

hey Sam.. wish u a very happy new year! >:D<