Monday, March 16, 2009

Easy exit..

I am so glad that I don't stay in Lucknow!!

I do miss my family, my siblings but on return from every visit I get to know something that forces me to wish I hadn't gone. Every visit makes me realise how foolish I've been to trust the people I have, how unsuitable I am where politics dominates the whole scene, where non-diplomatic people (like me) do not stand a chance..

And how running away probably is the best course of action to be taken!!


akanksha said...

Awwwwwwwwwww :(
Hope u get over it soon.
Deep inside,I know you love your hometown inspite of all the cribbing u did here!

ani said...


(psssst... if it helps i know sumone who's getting away with a live-in relationship in that crazy city! ;) )

J said...

Politics, is kind of prevalent everywhere. It's only that at times/places it doesn't mask itself the way it usually does.

And well at times running away is the best possible option to avoid complications

Sangfroid said...

I'll send the link to this post to Lucknow Times :-P

Politics is a part of life, there is no escape :-) However, your visit might have been a different experience had we met ;-)

Sangfroid said...

@Ani, what makes u call Lucknow crazy ? I love the place.

And now that it is allowing ppl to live-in, it is climbing up the cool-quotient too ;-)

Sam said...

Akanksha, I guess am alraedy over it!! And yeh, you are so right, I do love that place.. :)

Ani, Are you serious??

J, I know, that running away is exactly what I did!! :D

Sangfroid, Lol, you bet!! :D
Ani, I I happen to agree with Sangfroid, I love that place too, inspite of all its absurdities..

wacko said...

I wouldn't wanna be in Lucknow because it is so friggin hot and Lko was the only place where I found "loo" blowing during the nights. It sucked! I know totally irrelevant and nonsense comment

P.S. Is checking blogs the first thing you do when you are at work? :P

ani said...

sangroid: :) gud crazy not bad crazy!!! ~sheesh!!!

sam: same as sangroid and yep!!! serious!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

a year back i was cursing my luck that i was moving to Lucknow but now i am in love with this place :)