Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I wonder how important ones self-respect is.
To what lengths would one go to preserve their ego.
When would one give up and temptation take over.
Is giving up sometimes a good idea.
Happiness verses right/wrong, what’s a better choice.
Are there actually no free lunches.
How much sin can we get away with to guarantee us an average afterlife.


Anonymous said...

To each his own i guess.But wen u talk about afterlife..."LIfe comes a full Circle"

akanksha said...

There are actually no fre lunches!
Y worrying about afterlife,what has to happen, will happen!
Chill lady!

Sangfroid said...

So many questions!!

My take on a few of 'em-
# Giving in to temptations once in a while is ok.
# Right/Wrong is relative. Smile/Laughter and hence happiness is absolute. Choose happiness
# Yes, there are no free lunches
# Afterlife, why bother bout it

J said...

questions questions everywhere never a right answer in sight!

Sam said...

Anon, am sure it does.. :)

Akanksha, :) But you still think, don't you??

Sangfroid, I agree to all. :)

J, You bet!! ;)

ani said...

it needs to be moksha! :)

Kartik Shankar said...

If there is an afterlife.
Why worry about something you are not sure about.
But yes, what certainly exists for me (and I am sure for most of us) is a conscience. A prickly, finicky one. Take good care of it and the rest simply falls into place.
Or so I think.
Maybe its just someone high up there having the last laugh.
Dumb Charades anyone?

Nice write Sam :) As Always.


Kartik Shankar said...

Oh btw - When I was in KG II,
Mrs Alderson used to goad us to sing with her :

Que Sera Sera
Whatever will be - will be.

You know?


Sam said...

Ani, It is!! :D

Kartik, You hit the nail on its head, damn concinece!! :-/ I was taught that song too!! Were you in a Convent by any chance??