Friday, June 12, 2009

All that matters..

Its so irksome, not having travelled anywhere outside India. Maybe its nothing but for me, it matters..
When would I..


ani said...

and in this lifetime to cover and explore India itself is impossible!

Sangfroid said...

Ani +1 :-)

Plan for it. In the meanwhile, give India a try :-D

J said...

the way I see it.. stop planning/thinking and just do it.

Anonymous said...

I exactly know how u feel. One of my "Free" holidays have been cancelled due to .... why u of course?

Oh i so wished to see the Theatre of Dreams(Old Trafford).But khair koi baat nahin ;)

Anonymous said...

Its not nothing ... it ain't everything either :)

Anonymous said...

same rant here too..
when would i.....??

came here through chaikidukaan n this post touched the right chords;))

Sam said...

Ani, I know but I do have this twitch to have some kind of stamp on my passport other than the rejection I already do.. :)

Sangfroid, Planning is all that happens!! ;)

J, Correct, my thoughts align with yours.. :D

Anon, I am not commonting!! ;)

Pretty Me, Well said, but it matters.. :)

Wishes Galore, Who would know better!! ;)
Thanks for dropping by, see more of you.. :D

Impressionist said...

lol! same pinch! :D
I feel the same way too :P