Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Down and out..

Its been sometime since I've vented out my work frustrations on my blog but desperate conditions call for desperate measures and I certainly am bugged.. This is my fourth organisation in last five years(I know not a great track record) but I doubt I've been this frustrated anywhere or gone through this kind of politics ever or felt so humiliated and cheated, in short its been aweful. Also, I don't find any reason to stick to this place as I am not learning anything, not growing in anyway like my previous work places.

My collegues are nice but the senior management is sheer torture, their ways are beyond me and I can't see any way out, thanks to recession and lack of job opportunities.

I feel caged and sufforcated and this is one place where I can't see even hard work doing anything for me.. I want an out!!


Sangfroid said...

Whoops! Since you have it out here, you must have already given it ample thought. So, no point in giving it anymore.

Recession or no recession, there are openings all around, though a bit scarce. Move on gal!

Easier said than done, start something of your own :-)

akanksha said...


Sometime back, even I felt the same way...But a change in the project did the trick for me:)

Get ready for the change girl, and once u're ready, Go Get it!

Dont waste urself here....Take care!

J said...

I know what you mean. Some of the reasons you mentioned was what drove me back to Europe. I simply cannot tolerate the politics and the likes. But that's just my view.

Four jobs in five years.. lol, i'm in my 5th job in 6 years ;) and trust me it ain't that bad at all.

And if anything to help you feel better try to focus yourself on something (perhaps someone too) that will make you look forward to going to work everyday.

Shruti said...

u haven't really stopped looking for better places thinking there wont be opportunities because of the recession... coz if u have, then start again.
Let's pray things get better for u..

Anonymous said...

Come back... :)

Sam said...

Sangfroid, I do want to start something of my own, just waiting for the right time.. :)

Akanksha, Yeh, change is what I need, it should happen sonn.. :)

J, Lol, you sure know how to make light of any sitiuation!! And something is more appropriate, no someone interesting enough here!! ;)

Shruti, :) The search is on!!

Anon, I wish I could!! :D

unforgiven said...

Happened to me, 2006; I quit, without a job in hand *shrug*

One thing I learnt though was, even if you don't want to join 'em, you do need to learn to play the game - even if just to know how to keep yourself out of it.

Sam said...

Unforgiven, Correct!! :)