Monday, November 16, 2009

Shouldn't have..

I can't handle liquor at all. The other day I got drunk on a single glass of wine and made somebody read stuff that was a little too personal.

What made me regret it the next day was not getting the reaction I was probably expecting. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted to listen at that point of time and that ruined it for me.

Stupid I am..


ani said...

~ i just laugh like a numb nut when i get sloshed!! :D

u jus need a super jumbo hug!!!! :)

Amrita said...

do you really work in fashion>footwear industry like your profile says? :)

btw, getting a childrens day msg is super cool :D aint it

Amrita said...

i somehow loose some feeling after I show someone close my blog/diary/personal writing.
either i can't write properly or just something happens.

i've changed numerous urls.

and now I jus curb the urge to show folks (i know i'm going to bump into) my personal writing.


showing your personal writing takes a lot of courage. and sometimes we can show some kind of honesty or vulnerability or some feeling of that sort only thru writing. so its cool if you wanted to share that.

(why do i always get preachy when i come to ur blog to comment :( ... )

Sam said...

Ani, Yeh, my pendulum swings between being super happy to extremely sad. I guess it was just one of those days.. :) How've you been??

Amrita, Yes, I do design footwear for a living.. and that message was indeed sweet. :)
Thats exactly what happened, I lost respect for one of my favourite writings right then..I just lost it and that makes me sad. I detest sharing my url with people I know, I can't reason it though..
You know Amrita, the person reading that stuff ought to understand what turmoil one was going through while deciding to meke him read that stuff, they have to sense (just a little bit is all I am asking for) the feelings you underwent while writing it and if they don't, all is lost..
P.S: Don't stop being preachy, it all makes sense. :)

~ ॐ ~ said...


Sangfroid said...

He did not deserve to be let in your personal space, considering it ruined it for you in the end :-|

But getting high on a single glass of wine ... hmmm ... hmm

geet said...

hehehehe !!!

ani said...

ahh... lets just say i've been pendulumed.

Sam said...

Om, :)

Sangfroid, No fault of his I realised.. :)
Yeh, a single one can do it for me most of the times.. ;)

Geet, :D

Ani, Hopefully in the right direction.. ;)

Shruti said...

Oh I'd be so mad at the person the next day.. even if its me who showed it..
Next time no drinking, kya? And if u really have to, drink it super slowly