Friday, November 27, 2009


Yeh, a negative post yet again but I can't seem to help it.

My daily routine consists of getting up early and rushing to work, coming back late evening and dosing off, often without eating anything. But ultimately its just hours passing because I seem to be doing nothing productive throughout the day. Infact I feel my boss in U.S no more considers me a part of the design team, no fault of his as I haven't been mailing him any work (I haven't been doing any)and that totally hurts..

Infact I feel I should get married now, atleast it will break the current monotony if nothing else.


Sangfroid said...

Ignoring all negativity ...

Let me tell you, that is no reason to get married :-D

geet said...

work disappointments !! :|

chalo ladka dhoonden!!!

mêlée said...

I totally agree :)
with the not mailing part,the boss part, the work part and the marriage consideration part...
but let me tell u, 'thi too shall pass"
cheer up :)

Hershey Desai said...

finally, someone who can understand my situation :)

Sadly we both know that getting married to break the usual routine is a veryyyy bad idea.

I managed to break some of my monotony by boiling bananas...give it a try.

J said...

Come now.. i'm sure you were kidding about the marriage thingy.

Maybe you need to take some time off and pull yourself together?

Sam said...

Sangfroid, I know its not,I think I am just too frustrated with the work scene.. :)

Geet, Dhoondo please.. ;)

Melee, I know this too shall pass but when is my question..

Hershey, Boiling bananas?? ;)

J, Yeh, I think so too J but I just don't seem to be snapping out of the senario..

Impressionist said...

after a long time. :)
I see that u finally are thinking of getting married. :D
Get married if u really want to and not just to break ur monotonous life! :D
and like Melee said This too shall Pass!


Sam said...

Rajeev, What a pleasant surprise.. How've you been??
And am not getting married, for the right or the wrong reasons.. ;)

ani said...

hee hee... duniya badi gol hai!

Sam said...

Ani, Woh to hai.. :)