Wednesday, January 06, 2010


A little more sane
A little more mature
A little more clear about life,
And yet, a little confused too..

A little more independent
A little more free
A little more confident,
And yet, a little lonely too..

A little more unburdened
A little more comfortable
A little easy,
And yet, a little introvert too..

A little more hopeful
A little more faith
A little more belief in the one up there,
And yet, a little scared too..

The past year taught me this and a little more
This year hopefully will bring love, friends and a lot of happiness too..


Shruti said...

may the year bring u lots of happiness and smiles :)
I tink disappointments come when we aren't prepared for the worst... its great expectations that do this!

akanksha said...

How come u read my mind and put it all here :O

Happy New Year!

J said...

A little bit of this and a little bit of that ;)

Sangfroid said...

Well put.
Lovely lines!

Half of it echoes with me :-)

ani said...

happy new year!! :)

Sam said...

Shruti, :) Thanks..

Akanksha, Lol.. Late but nevertheless, same to you..

J, Precisely..

Sangfroid, :) Thanks..

Ani, To you too.. :D

mad hatter said...

Sam, thats just lovely.:)