Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Have a great one..

When I wrote this, I didn't know I would stick here as long as I have, in spite of the stubborn promise made. However, with the year ending, I'd like to say that I am glad I stuck around, learnt so much and kinda grew up reading other peoples' (some of them friends now) spaces.

And with this I would like to wish you all A Very Happy New Year and loads of love and happiness. Till then..


mêlée said...

first thing first: Happy new year :)
first comment :) i like this post, as usual. still will mention it, as usual.

geet said...

happy new year hai jeeee !!! hugggss

ani said...

smiles and smiles and smiles!! :D

i've been in and out... but each time i space out it's like a beckoning to come back!!

in this new year may writer's block never haunt you and may your thoughts flow free everytime your fingers find the keyboard!

J said...

Saaammm.. Happy new year to you too. Hope you had a good time?

Wishing you the best

Shruti said...

Happy new year to u too, Sammiee! :)
Stick around always! :)

Sam said...

Melee, Thanks, I'll keep looking out for you.. :)

Geet, Hey, Happy New Year to you too.. :)

Ani, Thanks and I wish you the very same.. :D

J, Thanks J, I had a great time, hope you did too..

Shruti, Thanks so much, I would, I would.. :)

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