Monday, May 31, 2010


There are so many times you feel like making that one call and putting things into perspective, tell the other person how sorry you are about what happened, how you want to turn back time and amend all the mistakes that were committed just because you were young and stupid..

It doesn't mean you want to change the outcome of the past, its more to do with getting that one friend back who meant so much to you or even telling them that its all good and making your peace with each other, just that and nothing more..


ani said...

it's called closure. and yes it's important.

akanksha said...

It does happen.And it is for better!

Sangfroid said...

Make THE call.
It'll feel great once you are done with it.

Anonymous said...

It's worth considering if they are really REALLY worth the call. At times, we have second thoughts because we are in the middle of transition from one phase to other. Do you want to move on or remain stuck? Upto you. That kinda thing you know.

Adi Crazy said...

Hey hey! Long time! :D
I'm here to tell you that there's an awards waiting for you on my blog. Go check.

Amrita said...

y r u not in my facebook :(

Anonymous said... make that CALL...I had lost a dear friend...and it took quite an effort to bring things back on track...we all have egos n we all have nervous jitters before u hear that "Hello" from the other side...but once u feels a lot better!! Life is too short to hold grudges!!

Sam said...

Ani, I know you are right.. :)

Akanksha, :)

Sangfroid, Couldn't do it.. ;)

Neo, I moved on long ago and the phase is over..

Adi, Long time indeed.. And thansk a ton for remembering me.. :D

Amrita, I'd loveto be there, add me in.. :)

Anon, Grudges were long over but I still haven't be able to gather my guts..

J said...

Either ways, I suppose it's best to move on and bury the past. Who knows you might awaken the 'mummy'

Btw.. belated B'day Wishes

Amrita said...

i know. i always feel that with everyone :P