Sunday, May 02, 2010


This is probably the longest I've stayed away from here, so long that I am afraid I have forgotten how to write, give spaces between words or mark paragraphs but write I must, just to get it back..

All this while I've been away, its just footwear I've been making and liking the work and hating the people with equal intensity. I think I am doing an alright job and the best part is to come back home drained and going off to sleep without a thought. Some may call it a hollow life, but work has been keeping me going and liking what I do is just a privilege.

I came to write something else, totally non-work related but ended up with this and then suddenly lost my chain of thought, guess I will have to end it abruptly.. Anyhow, I've also been reading a lot when I travel and I recommend Mohsin Hamid completely, its nice in an English August sort of way..

Till then..


akanksha said...

You are one of the lucky few who love their work! Glad to know that:)

Keep blogging!


Anonymous said...

glad you updated :)

geet said...

glad you updated :)

ani said...

this when i've given up writing myself! ~ this is insane... but if it keeps u staright and keeps u happy then u should find a way of summoning that voice.

~ ॐ ~ said...


Sangfroid said...

Joote De Do, Paise Le Lo!

Good Going :)

Sam said...

Akanksha, I know.. you take care.

Anon, :)

Geet, I lost your url, I want it back.. :D

Ani, applies to both of us I guess.. ;)

Om, Yeh..

Sangfroid, Lol..

Amrita said...