Wednesday, November 02, 2011


I think after a while you start letting go. You begin to show the world what you are actually made up of instead of shying away from it like you have all your life. You begin to accept more of yourself and learn to live with it. And the best part is that it does not scare you. You reconcile with the fact that this is how you are and this is how the people will have to accept you, like it or not. Maybe you even get adamant to an extent of being so true that the urge of being liked as you are is overwhelming and you possibly couldn’t settle for anything less.

And I believe that happens because you are not scared of being hurt anymore, not worried about people judging you or bothering with what they think of you. You have already been injured so many times, looked down upon, bickered and bitched about that you have just stopped caring.

Although it sets you free but there’s a price to pay. You get cynical and cold and I guess that is what they mean by growing up..


mêlée said...

I like the 'getting wiser' part of growing up and dont like the 'getting cynical' part of it. Dont know how to get one without the other :|

Anonymous said...

it's called growing old. :) and it's happened to me too!

Anonymous said...

“For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sam said...

Melee, Well said.. Not sure though if I've got any wiser..

Ani, Please don't mention the word "old", growing up sounds better.. :)

Anon, Ralph Waldo Emerson was a wise man and that makes you an intelligent person having read him.. ;)

Anonymous said...

A wise man should so write (though in words understood by all men) that wise men only should be able to commend him.-Thomas Hobbes


Sam said...

Anon, got the point, got the point.. (hands up in surrender).. ;)