Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Slow and steady, hopefully..

The self analysis mode is still on and I realised that I am a late bloomer. My reasons would be:

- I understand/ feel things much later than people around me have. And because of this I am perceived as slow,not something that I can contradict.
- I do love clothes and shoes and bags, the whole works. Despite of this, I keep using that bag till it gets beyond repair, wear one watch till it breaks down.
- Fashion. Though I would love to try the latest and new and am even aware of it, I wear that newness when it is in the crutches, swaggering finally before it dies a slow death.
- Even if I buy something new and upbeat, I stock it up in my wardrobe, get used to looking at it and think about how I can possibly pull it off before I wearing it to someplace. This is the reason I stick to classics and black.

Damn guts..


mêlée said...

I so get 'buying fresh stuff and waiting for a time to wear' feeling.
Being late is actually a better way to go in life than being hasty :)

wacko said...

its been yearsssss. how have you been sweetheart?

Sam said...

Melee, Its always nice to have company.. And I agree, better late than never.

Wacko, I smiled ear to ear seeing who commented on my post :D. Years it has been and not much changed, how've you been sweetie..

wacko said...

awww :)
i've been awesome as always lol
getting olddddd
i wish i turned 24 -> 23 but that is never going to happen lol

Sam said...

Wacko, :D Getting old is always not so bad.. Aging should just stop at 26, after that you don't get wiser, just cynical.. ;)
And hey, Benjamin Button didn't have the best of ending, so be careful what you wish for..