Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Lines that have lasted..

They have stuck by me since I've read them. High time I posted these to save them forever.

“Nothing was in time. People just blindly grabbed at whatever there was: communism, health foods, zen, surfing, ballet, hypnotism, group encounters, orgies, biking, herbs, Catholism, weight- lifting, travel, withdrawal, vegetarianism, India, painting, writing, sculpting, composing, conducting, backpacking, yoga, copulating, gambling, drinking, hanging around, frozen yogurt, Beethoven, Bach, Buddha, Christ, TM, H, carrot juice, suicide, handmade suits, jet travel, New York City, and then it all evaporated and fell apart. People had to find things to do while waiting to die. I guess it was nice to have a choice.” Charles Bukowski, Women.

AND (with no relation whatsoever)

It’s true: Everyone needs a reason to stay alive- someone who justifies your existence. Someone who loves you. Not beyond all reason. Just loves you. Even just shows an interest. Even someone who does not exist, or isn’t yours. No, no! They don’t even have to love you! They just have to be there to love! Target for your arrows. Magnetic pole to drag on your compass needle and stop it spinning and tell you where you’re heading and ... Someone to soak up all the yearning. Geraldine McCaughrean, The White Darkness.

And their impact on me never alters..


Adi Crazy said...

Lovely lines.

Sam said...

Adi, :)

Mukta said...

they are beautiful! 'to soak up all the yearning'...fabulous!

Sam said...

Mukta, :) Does make perfect sense, doesn't it..