Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A myth or not..

Since I’ve begun reading or watching movies, love and romance have been the central theme. I have always liked movies and books that involved friendship or romance in them, a fact that I’ve always tried to deny.

I have cried when true love is actually found or even lost, when friends have realised they love each other; and then smiled, even laughed aloud at parts in books when the hero proposes the heroine and she agrees to marry him. I have felt giddy with expectation at the build up of their first kiss and at times (I know super silly of me!!) even related myself to the characters, imagining the male protagonist being the guy I’d be fancying at that point of time.

However, lately I am seeing myself getting disillusioned day by day. I see myself coming closer to the thought that true love and romance is maybe just a myth and there is perhaps no right way around it. Some books/ movies show the girl going all out for the guy and they live happily ever after, others show a non-interested girl whom the guy woos and they the happys are repeated. But none of them show that after a while either or both of them simply lose interest or even though one person is still madly in love, the other has a happily after with someone else.

Now I think that maybe love is all big illusion and the practical aspects like if the girl is beautiful or not or the guy is well settled pretty much dominate the scene. And getting used to this harsh reality is taking a while to seep in.

But since the emotions love outbeats any other emotion in the world, I will not give up, at least for a little while more..


Sangfroid said...

You mustn't!

Truth is mostly bitter and reality is stranger than fiction.

Marriage is as real as a divorce is. It takes two to tango on most occasions. Novels / Movies mostly have happy endings. Real life can be such too and may be not.

Have I successfully confused you? :D

Anonymous said...

Writers or filmmakers sell fiction that might be considered myth to some and real life happenings to some.I am sure there would be little bits in books/movies that you would recognize with and then there might be some that you would not.

The practical aspects do come into play when you are talking about Marriage. I am sure you would agree Love and Marriage are not the same.

Some people are lucky that love & the practical aspects fall in line and it leads to their union but that does not mean others who do not find love before getting married, don't do so after marriage as well. Whatever clicks for you is the best solution at that point/space in time.

Over-analysis might lead to disillusionment.

~ ॐ ~ said...

Love does exist in bits and pieces :) here and there...

Sam said...

Sangfroid, You were very successful indeed.. ;)

Anon, The wisest words I have heard since a long time, thank you.

Om, It does and I want some more.. :)

akanksha said...

I have given up on all that, for various reasons.

Sam said...

Akanksha, And does it help?

akanksha said...

It does, actually. At-least, now I am not waiting for a dream-man who doesn't exist. I would be happy if I find a guy next door who is not perfect.

Sam said...

Akanksha, And what if that's all you have wanted, a normal guy..