Monday, July 02, 2012

A new dawn..

I have a strange feeling these days, as if I am on the brim of something new (and I pray I am). It’s like autumn in my life, a rather prolonged one and I can smell spring around the corner.

The funny part is that I have no reason to say above. My life is rather bleak with nothing going on and I feel gloomy all the time. My work sucks to the core and there is not an inkling of a new job or a new boy in the horizon, two aspects that dominate my life currently. But still there seems a shift happening, inexplicable but its there. There is something that’s prompting me to tie lose ends, to cut off ties that are holding me only because they are just a habit, relationships that give me more pain than joy and I hope that I get courage enough to do that.

I wait for rains in this scorching heat and hope that my life too will blossom with that downpour.

I can’t help but pray..

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