Friday, August 10, 2012


I am a very healthy person, rarely do I fall sick. I don't even succumb to common cold or fever. However, every few years I catch some disease that make me end up in the hospital.

This is one such time. I had a surgery yesterday that was excuriatingly painful and I am glad it's over. The hospital is no fun and I feel like a parasite, asking my mother for every little thing, even to take me to the bathroom, and it's sooo embarassing.  

Letting off some heat by writing this one and hoping to get back to normalcy soon.

P.S: I realised that I am crazy about my mum, while in the OT, all I could think was how all my pain would go away the moment mummy held my hand, and magically it did.


mêlée said...

oh no hospitals are scary, surgery sounds very scary...
get well soon :)

Sam said...

Thanks melee.. :)