Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A read and then a post..

I think my ability to write is directly proportional to what I read. My resolution to finish reading Jobs propelled me to write right now.

The confession today is that I try finding common grounds between the famous people (I like) and me. And like always, the list is endless, how I can be stubborn, how impatient I can be, how I believe that I will die at 45 (when I am at my peak of happiness and wouldn't want to), and most importantly, my ability to ignore a situation I don't like. A huge difference would be that I prefer to stay in the shadows and I'd never ever steal credit (and therefore just might not work too well in this corporate jungle). It's also funny how all the negatives seem like virtues suddenly.

Very childish but that's me again with all my whims and fancies..

p.s: though not a technology freak, I am proud to have atleast one Apple device and be associated with this crazy man..

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