Thursday, November 15, 2012

A post, just that..

I just don't like posting from a phone, you need to make it short and precise and that fluidity of thought goes missing in comparison to writing on paper. But at times one needs to make the best of circumstances and in my case, just give in to the urge of posting.

My latest is that I've been home for a week now and as much as I love to chat up with Ma, I do miss my time on my own, the contentment of my own space. I realise that "this time" will not come back, that things will change massively for me but somehow I am not ready to accept it. I am going by my usual philosophy- ignoring the problem for a long time and not thinking about it makes it go away.

The fact is that I am not ready to get married and knowing me, I never will be but this is the closest I will come to living my life the way I want to, with the person who knows me and accepts me with all my follies and tantrums (but am told people change) so I'll take the leap for me, for us. Also, as I often say, all these years made me realise what I DON'T want in a man and I am going by that so lets hope it works.

Am also guilty of reading Steve Jobs for months now but with about a 100 pages to go now, I've vowed to finish it today. It's a brilliant book that gives hope to people like me who lose temper in demand of perfection and then don't even feel apologetic about it. Way to go!!

I'll wind up saying that I miss here a lot and I'll try to be good and write more often, for no one's sake but mine..


Sangfroid said...
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Sangfroid said...

Enjoy your stay. Indulge in some ganj-ing, maybe :)

Also, keep posting.

Btw, I am here too. But would be back in Maximum City, come tonight!

Sam said...

Oh.. Missed seeing this by a day!! How've you been and hope Lucknow treated you well.. :)