Monday, July 24, 2006

Destination Nowhere!!

Twist the keys a couple of times.
Ignition. And the journey begins.
A little slow at the start.
You turn left and pick up speed.
Eyes twinkle. Lips smile.
A dream engulfs your soul.
You sit back, close your eyes and
as you relax you begin to cruise.
Could this ever end?
A left turn, two bumpers
and a pothole later it almost does.
But you start again.
Slowly you begin to relax.
And once again you relax and smile.
But you are a little wiser.
You turn left again.
But why? Why left again?
Are'nt you moving in circles?
What's the destination?

But then...
Isn't Life about forgetting the destination,
And simply enjoying the journey ?


anav said...

this is wow..u have galloped to new heights buddy.Seriously wonderful..n hey if u din believ in urself,u wouldn be here..wht say??

bella said...

LOVE this!

mad hatter said...

Really wow!! Knew you could write, but you keep surpassing yourself. Know its an old post, but just read it...