Thursday, August 30, 2007

Momentary happiness..

The past week has been hectic even with Mr. Bully (read my boss) not around. But for once I am enjoying the work pressure after coming to this new work place of mine. There's no one to constantly nag me and bully me before the "Big Boss" and I have the freedom to work at my own pace... :)

I am working nearly 12 hours a day and yet having fun... But my days of happiness are short lived, he returns this Saturday!!

Dammit, why do the good times just seem to fly by??


sangfroid said...

12 hrs n still fun, u seem 2 b lovin wot u r doin :-)

on second thoughts - 12hrs of happiness/day if averaged, the perceived momentary may transcend beyond the momentary!!

Sam said...

@sangfroid: Yeh, I simply love my work, plus with a shift of stream, there's a lot to learn and its all very challenging and VERY frustrating too at times..but no complains.. ;)
And you got a point there,though it seems like just y'day when my nut of that boss was off and he'll be back again in no time.. :(

Rajeev said...

Working for 12 hrs!?
I wonder how u ppl sit for so long! :D
hehe! Happiness is always momentary! never permanent!!
but dont u worry It always comes back! :D glad ur enjoyin now! :D

peace & love

Sam said...

Hey, you just gotta love doing your work and then time flies by, happens to me thankfully...
N I liked the notion of happiness coming back..I too believe it does!! :)

wacko said...

he is your boss dats why!
12 hours a day and still enjoying? wow..wht do you do?

Sam said...

@wacko: Hey, tahnks for dropping by..
Hmm..I guess so..Well I used to design footwear, recently shifted to merchandising of the same..