Monday, August 13, 2007

Random Thoughts.

I have been staying in the hospital for past one week and with nothing better to do, have been pondering on the state of my past/ present only to come to the following conclusion:

- My life is what I've made of it.
- Although things haven't gone my way, especially at the relationships front, I've lost the bitterness of the past year. I am glad that the people who've stuck by me, have; and am glad that the ones who left me have done me good too. :)
- I feel more secure now, more in my skin.
- My parents are awesome and so are my siblings. Love you all!!
- Saw how my parents stand by each other, saw how much my dad loves mom and how they communicate it without a word, even a gesture. This re-affirms my belief in the institution of marriage.
- My job is good, can do a lot with this kind of work experience.
- Am not sure if I want to get married right now, short-listing of guys has begun at home!!
- I have the freedom to choose. ;)
- Am content, mom's operation went well.
- I hope things get sorted out on the family front.
- Things are going smooth so far...wondering whats going to disrupt it all. Am keeping my fingers crossed.

Probably none of it makes sense to anyone, to me its the current state of affairs in my life.


Shraddha Manvi said...

Hi there..good luck with everything!

Sangfroid said...

"My life is what I've made of it" - a lot of people don't accept this. Bravo!!

Life's a bumpy ride but one needs to go on taking everything in one's stride and you are doing exactly that. Keep it up :-)

Sam said...

@ shraddha: Thanks !! :)

@ sangfroid: Thanks!! I trying my best to do exactly that.. ;)

ani said...

hi sam... all the best!!!!!

n here's the lyrics to a song:

When you find yourself
In some far off place
And it causes you to rethink some things
You start to sense that slowly
You're becoming someone else
And then you find yourself

When you make new friends in a brand new town
And you start to think about settlin' down
The things that would have been lost on you
Are now clear as a bell
And you find yourself
Yeah that's when you find yourself

Where you go through life
So sure of where you’re headin'
And you wind up lost and it's
The best thing that could have happened
‘Cause sometimes when you lose your way it's really just as well
Because you find yourself
Yeah that’s when you find yourself

Sam said...

@ ani: Thanks a lot Ani. This ones got me thinking..
Btw, which song?

Shraddha Manvi said...

I'd like to know too..which song is this?

ani said...

the song's 'find yourself' by brad paisley from the movie Cars!