Monday, August 20, 2007

Welcome to Haryana!!

Staying in Gurgaon, a part of Haryana, the “femme fatale” here have to undergo a zillion trials posed by the supremely ruling male ego… They leave no opportunity to harass, bully and infuriate you by their open display of chauvinism. God forbid, if you are victimized, there would be no way out of it accept withdrawing gracefully or apologizing, even if it isn’t you mistake. And terror strikes if you have the audacity to disagree with them or show the slightest inclination to fight back for then you are subjected to harassment, abuse and even violence at times…

The above is an outpour of my anger at the incident that happened yesterday. My roomy and me were driving to someplace, the road to which is particularly bumpy and hence requires a lot of steering the car if one wants to avoid getting into huge potholes. Suddenly I hear an abuse followed by an instruction to stop the car. Fearing I had hurt someone, I stopped immediately and was surrounded by about eight men in an instant. They began screaming that I wasn’t driving properly. When I dared to ask what wrong had I done, this guy comes up with that while steering away from a humungous pothole, “on a straight road”, I hadn’t given an indicator. However, either of the cars showed no signs of damage and hence I dared to argue back. A mistake I realized soon enough when these people started raising their voices and I could see aggression in their eyes.

Slightly shaken, we apologized only to hear “bas aisa boliye na ki aapki galti hai”. All of them withdrew and we witnessed the ultimate of Haryanavi male ego.

However, this was not the end of it… As luck would have it, I bumped into the same set in the market and got to hear the comment: “marron kya??” (should I hit her?), while the other one answered: “rehne de!!”. We got pretty shaken and ended up running from the place.

Don’t know what should I be thinking by the end of it all… Can men go to this extent to prove their physical power over females? Would anybody have stood up had something happened? It gives me shudders to think of the answers…


sangfroid said...

oops ... a lil nightmare!

use d indicators more often :-)

a male who exercises "physical power over females" to prove himself is inherently weak. Don't bother!

Sam said...

@sangfroid: Bet it was.. and advice taken, I shall use indicators as frequently as possible, "even on straight" roads!! ;)

And I usually don't bother but it just shakes you up a bit..

Rajeev said...

Ugh! that really sucks!
I definitely wouldn't do something like that in my entire fuckin life!!
But I definitely wud try to help if someone is in trouble :)
thanx for the visit.
i'll add u in my blogroll!

peace & love

Sam said...

@rajeev: It does..probably you would have but this place does something to you, it prevents you from doing good!! Bad influence I must say..
N thanks for adding me in, done the same.

anav said...

8 men....for 2 girls...seriosly nigtmare...n what were u thinking arguing over there...Indian(esp Delhi) men are crazy, don't u know that???

Sam said...

@anav: Hey, tahnks or dropping by..yeh it really was a nightmare but thankfully nothing happened, am one piece!! ;) Plus u know me, its too damn diificult for me to take crap, But have learnt my lesson, won't repeat the mistake hopefully.. :)