Monday, October 15, 2007


I am sooooo HAPPY...
I am glad that Saturday happened!! :)


Adi Crazy said...

awww...and I read this ona monday evening :(

Why can't thr just be friday and then satrday and then sunday and then friday???


wacko said...

m here..m ages after!
how u doin?
and yeah temme bout it..
m like :(
so i wanna knw bout ur happiness :)

Sam said...

@adi crazy:Wowww..the arrangement of days is cool but then as they say: wishful thinking!! :P

@wacko: Welcome back dude, great to have you back!! :) Am doing good..and got updates about you from your recent post.. ;)
I had a happy Saturday because one of my closest friends dropped in and I've had that kinda fun after ages!! :)

Sangfroid said...


Gud Gud ... keep get happier!

Hope u had a good day today(Monday .. errrr) too :-P

Sreejith said...

on first sight i thought you read 'saturday' the book!! :D

About missing Gurgaon...i am wrong. i miss all my friends in GGN! :( The only good thing that GGN offered were all the pretty people in the many malls ;) And wait.. you could always buy a movie ticket at the counter unlike Bangalore. And then the dhabas on sohna road.. and the old books sold on MG road when you go towards Mehrauli. aww.. now i miss Gurgaon too :((

Sam said...

@sangfroid: Geee.thanks!! :)
Well, Monday was Monday..mundane, crazy, loaded with work but ok types still..

@sreejith: "Pretty people", I would just term it as good prsentation skills!! ;) And yeh, its people who make a place so I can understand your friends bit..
And the dhabas, we go there all the time,Convergys and GenPac being amongst the most frequent ones..yeh G'gaon isn't that bad on second thoughts.. :)

ani said...

ok lady! :) awwwsum to see that smile but curiosity gettin the better of me..... say fast fast now!! :D

ani said...

~ read comment! :) its soooo much fun wen ol frenz drop by! im expectin to meet on end of this month!!!! ~loads o huge hugs! :)

aparna said...

lol!! i know i know i know :P

Rajeev said...

hope u had fun! :D

peace & love

MeMyself_n_I said...

yay! :-)

Sam said...

@aparna: I know,you know you know!! ;)

@rajeev: Yep, I did!! :)

@memyself_n_i: :)