Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tagging for fun!! :)

Although I am not particulary fond of tags, took up Rajeev's to fill that vacum in blogging. Its simple, easy and fun!! :) Plus, I've had a particularly tensed day at work and blogging seemed approriate to calm my jittery nerves..

This screen shot is that of my PC at work (now you guys can very well imagine how vela I am here!!) ;) I like my desktop uncluttered hence so much of free space..

Anyone willing to take up this tag can, but please let me know, it would be fun taking a peek other spaces too!! :)


akanksha said...

hey..nice wallpaper:-)

Rajeev said...

thanx for doin! :)
but u cant enlarge the image to see it properly! :(
change it!

peace & love

Sam said...

@akanksha: Thanks sweetie!! :)

@rajeev: Tried doing that but can't seem to.. Tell me how!! :(

Adi Crazy said...

Hey...I'm taking this tag. It's an interesting one, and doesnt seem like too much work either :P

Okay sweets?

Sam said...

@adi crazy: Totally ok!! :)