Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My latest wishlist..

I am at work right now and thats the last thing I want to do... So here I end up reading everyone's posts on my blogroll and wishing that:

- I could get a week off, go back home, get pampered, read a lot, sleep, eat good food and not worry about getting back to work the next day.
- Saturday would come sooner, I take an off this time!! :)
- N would find a job in Gurgaon and wouldn't have to move out of the house...
- I get super powers and remember all the figures am supposed to memorise every week... :(
- My boss would begin to like me just a teeni-tiny bit!!
- I could meet my parents.
- Meet all my friends from school (+2) OR college (NIFT/IIT), hang out with them, have fun like the good old days...
- Shop till I die... ;)
- Decide whether I should go for hair straightening or not!!
- Collect money soon enough to buy my Dad that laptop I've been saving up for.
- Both my categories would show sky rocketing profits!! Lol.. I've lost it completely... ;)

Thats it!! Before starting to write this one, I thought I'd have a long list but surprisingly I finished pretty quickly..sigh!! Now I can peacefully get back to work and stop feeling guilty of wasting time!! ;)


Sreejith said...

drat...i miss Gurgaon :(

ani said...

- :) take the week off!

- over the weekend go spend a nice day pampering urself...

- Bosses are not meant for liking of any sort! How will you hate him n plan vengeance if he bcmes nice??!! :D

- If you cant manage to meet up wit ur frenz, hey princess lets meet up soon!!

- hair straightening! after trying a temporary once and then getting a shampoo tat curls up my hair even more I stick to my curls!!! :D (was a long long war in my mind tho! I can empathise!)

- Laptop! :) how sweet princess!

~loads o hugs! :)

Sam said...

@sreejith: Why on earth do you miss Gurgaon?? I've been here for a year now and can't seem to find any place interesting enough!! :( You know about someplace nice?

@ani: Awww..thats soo sweet!! :)
-Can't take a week off, want to save it for later.
-Yeh, I'll do that!! ;)
-Lol.. I loooove this one, now I don't even feel bad about him not liking me!! Thanks sweetie..
-I'd love to meet you!! :) So incase you paln on coming down, I'll be at your service and vice-versa. Btw, one of my very close friend is coming down this weekend, hence can't wait for Saturday!! ;)
-Hair straightening, guess this weekend I'll get it done..
-Laptop, WHEN??
Hugs to you too (lotsa them)!! :)

anav said...

Lets see if this helps...

-Take the week of Diwali off, u deserve it
- Start taking a holiday on sat
-I thought your hair was always straight....though i never would understand the fuss
- Shopping...come to Lko and all of us can spend a whole day doing it..
- Don't worry about ur boss, just ignore him n he'll b no more a prob
...hope to see u see u soon

MeMyself_n_I said...

damn now i feel guilty about cribbing about having only a week of the hols left. won't you get a few days off for dussehra?

and hair straigtening! go for it!!! only thing, get it done from a nice place otherwise it looks slightly artificial.

and hey, go shopping this weekend. it's thereupatic. :-D

diyadear said...

hey nice wish list.. may all ur wishes come true :)

Sam said...

-I am taking one, well not an off exactly, just the given leaves!! ;)
-Yeh you would never understand the trauma of being a girl!! :P
-Sounds good!!
-Again: not possible!!
Hope to see you soon too!!

@memyself_n_i: Hey, no problems, infact derive some sadistic pleasure outta it..;).
Hair straightening: as someone already mentioned, I do kinda have straight hair, so it it worth it?? therapy for "every" weekend!! ;)

@diyadear: Thanks a ton!! :)

the cloud with the bronze lining said...

hey seriously.. bloggin is 1 thing that alloows ya 2 waste time+ makes u feel u didnt!!! :-)
btw... do read my blog sumtime

akanksha said...

Good one here....:-)
I am thinking about my own wishlist now.But considering the amount of shopping i m doing these days..i guess soon i'll have to create another wishlist!

Adi Crazy said...

I want to go home too! And I am going for dusshera and then diwali :D
Lucky me!

You need a job in gurgaon? MAybe I could help...lemmi know. My mail id is

Take care and cheer up!

Sam said...

@adi crazy: I know, you are so lucky!! Have fun.. :)
Its not me who needs a job, its my roomate and ANY help would be great..will mail you the details soon.. thanks a ton sweetie!!!!! :) You're awesome..

Sangfroid said...

Is this not long enuf ... greedy soul :-P

r all females shopoholics ?

Sam said...

@sangfroid: Is it?? Well atleas they aren't all materialistic!! :P
Hmmm..yeh, its one of the hardest facts of life, but lets face it...we do believe in ALL the good things in life!! :D

Sophiagurl said...

loved your wishlist=) ahhh don't we all love to get away from work and get some pampering.

It's okay to indulge, you deserve it! thanks for dropping by and for leaving a comment. hope to see you back soon. =) Have a great week ahead.